Adorable Snowman Crafts for Kids

A collection of unbelievably cute snowman crafts, activities and recipes for you and your kids to try this winter!

1. Snowman paper plate and stick puppets

iHeart Crafty Things

2. Popsicle stick snowman door hanger

Happy Home Fairy

3. Spoon snowmen

 Sunshine and Hurricanes

4. Cupcake liner snowman

 iHeart Crafty Things

5. CD snowman

Happy Hooligans

6. Recycled can lid snowman

Things to Share and Remember

7. Balloon printed snowman craft

Cooking With Ruthie

8. Melted snowman craft

 iHeart Crafty Things

9. Tissue paper snowman

The Spruce Crafts

10. Felt and PVC section melted snowman

Live, Craft, Love

11. Stuffed snowman sewing craft

The Imagination Tree

12. Paper plate lacing craft snowman

 iHeart Crafty Things

13. No-sew sock snowman

Easy Peasy and Fun

14. Q-Tip painted snowman

Mess for Less

15. Cotton ball snowman

Easy Peasy and Fun

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