Amazing Bathroom Storage Ideas

Take a look at these clever bathroom storage ideas that include recycling bottle caps to store the toothbrushes, bathroom storage case behind the mirror, shelf above the door, surround toilet cabinet and hanging baskets on the wall. Learn how the masters maximise their space and keep the bathroom away from the clutter.

Wall pockets made by cutting wooden bowls in half and mounting them on a painted board in the bathrooom. source

This shower niche wraps around a corner for a bit of extra room for shampoos, soaps, a razor, and other necessities. source

A big bathroom storage case behind the mirror to hold all the goodies. source

Pallet Wood Bathroom Storage, source

This attractive bathroom ladder shelf provides plenty of space for towels, soap, cosmetics and more. You could co-ordinate this into any colour scheme and it would work perfectly. source

These DIY mason jar holders make great storage for small stuff in the bathroom. source

To maximize space in the bathroom add a shelf over the door to store extras like toilet paper and extra towels. source

Wine rack on the floor or the counter, source

This idea of hanging baskets on the wall is a great solution that doesn’t take up any floor space in a bathroom with a small footprint. source

Use these recycled bottle caps to store your toothbrushes, source

Old wood wine crates have a natural vintage charm, and make smart holders for extra toilet paper and rolled bath towels. source

Colorful metal buckets hanging on the wall would be cute in a kids’ bathroom. source

Cool bathroom storage idea for all the toilet paper rolls or whatever you want. source

Designed to utilize vertical space instead of horizontal floor space, this is an intriguing but functional and simplistic space-saving bathroom by stacking the contents of a bathroom on top of one another. With two showers built-in, both of which rotate 180 degrees, one is for adults and one for children. source

This surround toilet cabinet takes up less space than your regular cabinet and keeps everything organized in your bathroom. source

These crawl spaces and nooks in a bathroom can be creatively turned into organized storage. source

Easy to install hair dryer center for under the bathroom sink. source

The built-in cabnet surrounding this tub provides enough space for extra cleaning sponges, shampoo, and soap. source

Paint a PVC connector piece to hold your hair dryer and iron. source

their looking-glass view. source

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