Amazing Bird Themed Crafts

I thought it would be awesome to put together a round up of 11 our of favorite bird crafts so you can see them all in one place.

1. Paper rolled bird

Librarian on Display

2. Popsicle stick birds


3. Cute yarn bird


4. Origami bird

DIY Paper Crafts

5. Paper plate bird Valentines


6. Paper plate, pom pom, and dried pasta bird’s nests

The DIY Mommy

7. Flapping origami bird

AS World.

8. Paper finger puppet

Play Kids

9. DIY seed heart bird feeders

Whats Up Moms

10. DIY milk carton bird feeder

PBS Parents.

11. Pine cone bird ornaments

Lia Griffith

12. Cute amigurumi crocheted birds


13. Craft stick and feather birds

Kix Cereal

14. DIY pecking bird toy

Grand Illusions

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