Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas

Below, we found 15 ideas to try out now – or even when you open up your crisp new notebook next year. Let us know what you think and why you love bullet journals so much more than the classic kind!

1. 12 Layout Ideas

Wonderful DIY gives us 12 solid layout ideas to start your bullet journal journey. If you’re looking to create a journal that’s personalized, functional, and super pretty, then you’ll definitely want to hop on over and check out all of these great designs and prompts. There’s even some beautiful ideas for headers sprinkled throughout the list.

2. 75+ Journal Prompts

If you visit Smart Mom Smart Ideas you’ll find 75 more ideas to gather inspiration from. Whether it’s prompts, page layouts, or even more great ways to organize your life. You can even grab some how-to and why info when it comes to the bullet journal trend.

3. 100 Things to Habit Track


All About The House has some unusual ideas to add to the bullet journal too. If you follow the link, you’ll have 100 things to habit track inside of your planners. From bill paying to changing the filters inside of your house, it’s all inside to inspire you!

4. 10 Ways To Organize $$$

Caroline Vencil will prompt your money organization. Get your finances in order throughout your bullet journal with her help! And you can do it in a way that’s both fun and stylish.

5. A Floral Spread

We were so inspired by this beautiful floral layout from Forever Good Life that we had to feature it! This is a great way to jazz up your monthly planning pages and put your creativity to the test. Grab some colored pencils and get started!

6. Two Days, One Page

Bullet Journaling gives us a lot of inspiration concerning how to organize and layout our pages as well. For instance, if you want to consolidate some space, create pages that include two days each like you see above. Then start color coding your time slots!

7. Adding Life Goals

We’re loving these Level 10 ideas from Boho Berry. Why not really create something inspiration for your everyday by adding your life goals into the journal? You can divide them as well into different types of goals; family and friends, personal, work, etc.

8. 15 Collections To Try

You’ll really these ideas from Little Fox Coffee. There’s a beautiful list of collections that you’ll find after the jump. From party planning, to Christmas shopping, you’ll find a lot of different inspiration here as well.

9. Monthly Layouts

Planning Mindfully gives us a plethora of different monthly layouts to try to recreate on our own. You can theme them, color them, and test your artistic ability. Bullet journaling is very much Type A-minded but that doesn’t mean it can’t be creative!

10. 50 Page Ideas

We found more great page ideas over at Parker & Me. There are literally 50 different points to take a peek at and gain inspiration from. A monthly bucket list may be our favorite on the list!

11. One Line A Day

Whether it’s to remember your kiddo’s favorite phrases from when they were little or inspirational bits to perk yourself up, this “one a day” page from Anca GV is one of our favorite finds! There’s so much you can use this layout for and we also love the design as well.

12. 9 Ideas For Women With No Time

Chasing Foxes is helping women all over with these great ideas. From chore lists to from weekly goal lists and more, it’s all inside and will help mom’s out the most! All of the layouts you’ll see here are pretty too, it’s not just the prompts that are inspiring here.

13. Study Pages

For the students out there, we found these study pages from Productive & Pretty. Keep on track with the semester’s work by adding these to your bullet journal. There’s even a course and degree tracker inside for our college scholars out there.

14. Netflix Season Catch-Up

Another favorite ideas we found while scouring the Internet was this Netflix page! This is the perfect way to keep up with all of the TV shows you’ve been watching or the ones you want to watch. You’ll never forget what season you’re on again! Thanks for idea Pinterest!

15. 11 Journal Hacks

And finally, Little Coffee Fox gives us a handful of journal hacks that we can all utilize! From color coding tips to washi tape ideas, there’s a lot to check out before you start mapping out your own journal. It’ll be fun shopping for supplies after checking out this one.

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