Amazing Crafts Made With Candy

We can’t guarantee that these DIY tutorials will make you the next Martha Stewart, but we can guarantee that these DIY tutorials will make you feel like the next Martha Stewart.

1. Candy butterflies

Mom Endeavours

2. How to make a candy train

 One Hundred Dollars a Month.

3. Valentine’s Day candy jars

Eat, Move, Make

4. Candy cane and marshmallow snowmen

Baby Gizmo

5. Stained glass candy sun catchers

Mission: To Save

6. Edible braided friendship bracelets

Mom Skills

7.  Candy bouquet

 Thrifty Fun

8. Paper flower suckers

 The Crafty Blog Stalker

9. Peppermint candy bowls

Design Sponge

10. Rock candy rings

Loom Love

11. Edible candy “beaded” bracelets

She Knows

12. Valentine’s candy airplanes

Make The Best of Everything

13. Candy Christmas trees

Upstate Ramblings

14. Sugared candy cane cookie cutter tree decorations

Home Cooking in Montana

15. Candy corn owl craft

Crafty Morning

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