Amazing Crochet Edging Patterns

Treble Scallop Edging. Any crochet project is never complete without the scallop edge. Try this beautiful treble scallop pattern for your next crochet project. source


Tiny Crochet Pompoms On A Chain Edge


Pompoms add that last touch of quirkiness to any crochet project. Use this pattern to make tiny pompoms and watch your simple project turn from boring to super exciting. source

Strawberry Stitch Tutorial


Can there be anything cuter than these crocheted strawberries? Make your very own with these super cute crochet motif. Try other fruits as well by using other colors of thread. Try blueberries or lemons and you’ve got a fruit-filled crochet theme to show off. source

Cute Chicken Edging


Perfect for your kitchen, add these adorable cute little chickens on your curtain edges for some super cute detail. Do you live in a farm or know someone who does? Then this makes for the perfect present for a friend, family, or for yourself. source

Stripy Blanket Edging


Crochet edging details always add that rich touch of finishing on your projects. Try this simple pattern to add more value to your blankets. source

Line of Hearts Crochet Edging


Crochet isn’t boring – it’s what you do with it that makes the difference between crochet being dowdy or being on trend. Make these lovely hearts for that much-needed sweetness to any of your projects. source

Scalloped Crochet Edging


One of the most beautiful yet basic things you can do with crochet are scalloped edges. Follow this easy yet striking pattern to turn any crochet project from drab to fab. source

Crochet Petal Cone Edging


When you’ve gone beyond the basics of crocheting, it’s time to level up. Challenge yourself by making this complicated pattern and turn any simple crochet project into a work of art. source

Cute garland of Hearts Using Only Two Rows Of Crochet


Hearts are always sweet and adorable – try this project and use on absolutely anything – be it as trimming on curtains, as edges on blankets, and even as trimmings on skirts and tops. source

Easy Crochet Blanket Stitch Edging


Did you know that you can use the basic blanket stitch on crochet projects, too? Why yes, you can. It’s a very simple detail but adds that beautiful finishing touch to blankets, or pillowcases and just about anything! source

Tutorial on How To Crochet An Edging On Flannel Blankets


The perfect trimming for newborn receiving blankets, the warm striped of the flannel combined with the rich colors or merino create a perfect harmony. Using these neutral colors means you can give it is a gift to a pregnant loved one despite not knowing the baby’s gender as yet. Just imagine the little bundle of joy wrapped up inside this beautiful blanket you’ve made with love. source

“Fill In” The Top Ripple Edge To Make It Straight


A perfect line on crochet projects is extremely rare – why not make this one-of-a-kind piece for a kitschy and unique crochet project? source

Super Easy Pillow Case with Scalloped Crocheted Edging


Tired of your old pillowcases? Instead of throwing them out or giving them away, add some scalloped crochet details to give them new light. Try this simple pattern to add more value and detail to your pillowcases. source

Easy Zig-Zag Crocheted Edging


Crochet edging can turn any regular towel, sheet, or pillowcases into high quality heirlooms. Try this simple edging pattern on washcloths, tablecloths, and even baby’s burp cloth or baby towels. So easy and so fast to make. source

Easy Shell Edging For Ripple Blankets


Create this adorable striped blanket with super simple and easy-to-follow crochet patterns. source

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