Amazing DIY Bar Carts

Whether you want to go with vintage, super bright or a classic wood, we’ve got styles for it all. Creating your own wooden bar cart squarely fits in that category of do-it-yourself home decor projects that won’t tax your bank account, your skills or your patience.

1. Ikea Copper Bar Cart 

Your Beauty

2. Industrial Bar Cart 


3. Minimalist Bar Cart 

Angela Marie Made

4. Gold and Marble Bar Cart 


5. Rustic Bar Cart 

Shanty 2 Chic!

6. Industrial Pipe Bar Cart 


7. Ikea Laptop Bar Cart 

Style Me Pretty

8. Wooden Bar Cart 

The Nifty Test

9. Chic Metallic Bar Cart 

Designs by Studio C

10. Retro Bar Cart 

The Flair Exchange

11. Modern Black Bar Cart 

A Beautiful Mess will do just fine!

12. Neon Bar Cart 

Tattooed Martha

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