Amazing DIY Crafts Using Fabric Pens

From the best ideas on Pinterest to the best DIY projects bloggers with awesome step by step tutorials, we compiled the best list possible of creative art projects

1. Fabric marker stencilled t-shirt


2. Tape and fabric marker chevron onesies

Welcome to The Mouse House

3. Graphic lined fabric marker runners

A Beautiful Mess

4. Neon fabric marker tote bag

 Creative Jewish Mom

5. Fabric marker quote and lettering jeans

Sincerely Kimme

6. Colourful hand drawn throw pillow


7. Negative space stencilled heart onesies

 Welcome to The Mouse House

8. Hand drawn feather tree t-shirt

 Merrick’s Art

9. DIY colourful tea towels

Skip To My Lou

10. Scroll style fabric marker drawn wall hanging

The Crafty Gentleman 

11. Handwritten fabric marker tablecloth

DIY Network

12. Hand written fabric labels

Melanie Ham

13. Bedtime quote pillow

Organize Your Stuff Now

14. Stencilled name pencil case

I Love to Create

15. Geometric framed textile art


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