Amazing DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

You can bet nothing would touch father’s heart than gifts handmade by their loved children. Here we selected carefully more than 50 gift ideas and all of them are homemade.

It’s never too early to get started on preparing gifts for the superhero in your heart. Check out all of the creative ideas below and choose one project according to his liking. For example, what’s Dad’s favorite color, hobby, sports, needs, personality or food? And plan the perfect combination of utility and finished look. I’m pretty sure there’s more than one project you can’t wait to get start with. And you’ll find how much fun it will give you to turn one. What’s more, you can find all the tutorials by clicking the source button. Wish you make a special gift for Dad that is sure to touch his heart.

We Have a Hero We Call Him Daddy

01-diy-fathers-day-gift-ideasGet the tutorial here.

Upcycled Nuts And Bolts Heart


Make use of those random nuts and bolts that you have in your garage to create a such an awesome craft. This would be a brilliant gift for dad for so many important dates! Get the tutorial here.

DIY Portrait Clock


What a lovely and sweet Father’s day portrait clock gift that would double as a wall decor. See the tutorial here.

Fun and Healthy Breakfast Made by Kids


Feed your Dad with funny, healthy, silly and creative breakfast and make him laugh from the morning of the special day. See the easy tutorial and learn step-by-step here.

Digital Tablet or Device Sleeve


You can learn how to make this perfect gift for Dad with fabric step-by-step here.

DIY Handprint Plate for Father’s Day


This cute gift is easy to do with children. The words show their love to Dad and the little handprint are really sweet for any kind of father. See the how-tohere.

Handmade Dad Rocks Paperweight


This colorful handmade Dad rocks paperweight looks like so much fun to make. You can do it in any color and add different words to the rock. Get the tutorial here.

Cool Keychain Father’s Day Gift


Make a keychain for Dad to take all the time. Ask your kids questions about Daddy and write down exactly what they say. This would make the Daddy laugh for years to come. Learn how to dohere.

A Book about Dad


Record everything you love the most about your father. This craft idea is really unique and different which can touch your Daddy’s heart. Get start with the directionshere.

Origami Pop-up Father’s Day Card


It’s a traditional way to show your love to Dad by making him a Father’s day card. But this can be different if you add some idea like the clever folded letters card here. Great step-by-step here.

Father’s Day Handprint Shirt


What cuter way give the big hero a T-shirt with letters and handprint from his loved children. Daddy could take with him wherever he go this summer. See the tutorialhere.

Thoughtful DIY Insulated Beverage Holders for Hot Summer


The hot summer is coming and fathers love to walk around in the backyard with cold beverage in hand. Make insulated beverage holders for Dad to keep his drink stays nice and frosty. See the tutorial here.

Stamped Washer Keychain


This easy to do gift can be personalized for anyone such as grandpas and daddies. Let me fill you in on all the details!source.

Tools Bucket Tote


Your Daddy can fix everything in your home but he always drop the tools everywhere. So this tools bucket tote is really helpful for him to keep all his tools in one place. See the how to do here.

Dad’s Travel Bag


Great gift for Dads who travels often. With this unique gift, your fashion-conscious father or husband will always be in style even on the travel. See the step- by- step tutorial here.

Bicycle Rim Clock


This project is so cool and would be a favourite of a biking enthusiast in your family. DIY one for Father’s day and make Dad feel extra special. See the tutorial show you how to make one. source.

DIY Mosaic Coasters for Father’s Day


This beautiful mosaic coasters can be made with many materials like plaster, tiles and pebbles. Kids can place words to show love to Dad on it. See the tutorial here.

Ball Cap Craft


If your Dad is a big fans of sports, how about making him a ball cap organizer for his desk as a Father’s day gift. Learn how to do it here.

Paracord Watchband for Dad


If you are still scrambling for a last minute DIY Father’s day gift idea because your Daddy is always in style. This would be great for you. The stylish handsome paracords watchband is easy to make. Learn how to do it step-by-stephere.

Personalised Photo Keyrings


This easy to do gift can be personalized for anyone. Learn how to do it here.

Homemade Tie


This would be a favourite of all the men in your family if you never did it before. Your father will wear it with pride. See the how to do it source.

Photo Bookmarks


He will love these bookmarks! Too fun to see every time he picks up his favorite book. Today we are making a simple gift with a big impact for the book lovers in your life! source

Tie Key Ring


Daddy could take these cute tie key rings with him where ever he go. And they are very easy to do with children. Learn the tutorial here.

Fun Basket Filled with Gifts for Dad


This quick Father’s day gift will surprise Dad with a basket of men-inspired goodies. See the how tohere.

Superhero Sleep Masks


Dad is superhero to any kid. This is a easy to make coolest gift great for a dad’s afternoon relaxation. See the instructions here.

Craft Stick Photo Frame


Your Dad loves everything you make yourself. Give Dad your handmade frame and watch his facial expression change! ‘You made this?’ This would be a awesome Father’s day gift. See the tutorial here.

Egg Carton iPad Stands


Want hands free for your Dad an iPad stand is a necessity tool,which will help him to stabilize his iPad at an comfortable viewing and working angles.This is easy for the children to decorate with beautiful colors and characters to show their love for Dad. source.

DIY Father’s Day Ties


Sometimes Dads get ties for Father’s day, christmas, birthday etc. You may think not all Dads consider it a great gift. Especially a tie like one of these is too funny to wear. However, Keep in mind Dads love everything made by their children and a DIY tie is never out of time. source

Dad’s Shirt and Tie Gift Boxes


See the tutorial here.

Grandpa’s Brag Book also Perfect for Dads


Proud grandpas and papas need to be able to show off their adorable offspring anywhere, any time. Learn how to easily make Dad his own brag book that he can easily fold up and fit into his wallet here.

Duct Tape Treat Crowns


Simple cute gifts great for your Dad to put his favorite cupcakes and pretzels in. Learn how to dohere.

Father’s Day Bow Tie


If you need a gift idea for always in style father or husband, this would give you some inspiration. See the tutorial here.

DIY Father’s Day Bicycle Frame Lunch Bag


If your father is fond of bicycle riding, you can DIY a bicycle frame lunch bag for him to bring his lunch when he’s commuting or just going to the park. See how to do it here.

Fishing Reel Bags for Dad


If the men in your family have strong liking on fishing, then make this fishing reel bag for them. This is also a great gift for Father’s day. Learn the tutorial here.

Daddy’s Toolbox and Photo Tools


Learn the tutorial step-by-stephere.

Hand Painted Ties DIY


For Father’s day gift, handmade ties would be a great idea. And it’s very simple to do. Learn how to do it here.

Photo Plate DIY. What a lovely gift


This is a super easy DIY that served as both a card to Dad and a special day plate for the goodies. source

DIY Father’s Day Treasure Box


What a great show box filled in love notes. I love this idea to tell how much father means to kids. Learn the tutorial here.

LEGO Photo Pen Holder


If you want to do something interesting for Dad with your LEGO on this Father’s day. This kid made LEGO photo pen holder will absolutely inspire you. Learn the tutorial here.

Old Necktie. Great idea


I love the idea recycling a necktie into a camera strap for Daddy very much. Learn how to do it here.

Father’s Day Gift Bags


Cute gifts for Daddy made by children. Learn the tutorial here.

Candy Bar Poster


Use the candy bars to make a poster as a creative gift to show how much you love your Daddy. Learn the tutorial here.

DIY Father’s Day Banner and Card


This card is easy to make by kids for Father’s day gift that would double as decor for Father’s Day. Learn the tutorial here.

DIY Father’s Day Mouse Pad


What a cute frog mouse pad your father can use everyday. Really thoughtful gift. And it’s also very simple to make. See the tutorial here.

DIY Pajama Pants for Dad


Cargo pocket PJ pants comfy pajama pants are perfect for your Daddy’s Father’s day gift. See the how to do it tutorial step-by-step here.

Quick Gift for the Master of Grill


If your Dad likes to grill, let him cook up a storm. And this is a perfect gift that incorporated some of children’s personal touches. Learn the tutorial here.

DIY Father’s Day mug


Fun sharpie muds made by kids are been hot for a while now. And for this Father’s day, you can make one to treat your loved Dad. The method is very simple. Get start with the tutorial here.

DIY iPhone Holder


A iPhone holder is useful for your Daddy to free his hands and enjoy the time to watch a video. Learn how to do this simple but cute iPhone holder here.

DIY Summer Hammock


Great useful gift for dad’s weekend relaxation year round. Learn the tutorial step-by-step here.

Whiskey BBQ Sauce


Treat your Daddy with tasty grill treat on Father’s day. As dad is usually the person using the BBQ – why not make the space that much more interesting for him and the whole family. Learn the tutorial here.

Dad’s Guitar Strap


This fabulous guitar strap made with recycled neckties is by far my favorite. Because it’s both useful and cool. Learn how to do ithere.

Wood Beer Caddy


This DIY wood beer caddy is great for Daddy’s summer BBQS and a personalized gift for this coming Father’s day. And I love the wall-mounted bottle opener so much. What you need to do is giving it a lift by decorating this with beautiful colors or drawing. Learn the tutorial here.

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