Amazing DIY Flower Pots

Rainbow Painted Flower Pots. These rainbow splattered plant pots will definitely brighten up your garden and your day. They are fun because of their bright colors and abstract designs, which are definitely unexpected but also easy to make. via kcedventures.


DIY Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots


These decoupage pots are definitely beautiful and elegant with their patterned exterior. They look beautiful in any setting, but they are an especially good choice if you want to use flower pots for indoor decoration. via placeofmytaste.

Nautical Seashell Decorated Flower Pots


These flower pots have a seaside, tropical feel thanks to the various colored shells used to decorate them. They are really easy to make too: all you need to do is gather a few seashells and glue them to cover the outside surface of your flower pots. Via source.

Rustic White Washed Terra Cotta Pots


These traditional terra cotta flower pots were painted with a thin, only semi-opaque coating of white paint to get this unique, off-white look that goes well with almost everything and lets their original color shine through a little. via tidbits-cami.

DIY Rustic Succulent Pots


These classic terracotta pots have been washed with a trendy, fresh cornflower blue color and then decorated with twine. They are sweet and cute, just like the succulents planted inside. via pinkwhen.

DIY Rope-Wrapped Flower Pots


These pots have been completely wrapped in rope to create a unique, rustic look. You can use a few layers of a different color to add a pop and some interest, like in the pictures, as they will be even cuter that way. via housebyhoff.

DIY Chalkboard Terra Cotta Pots


These chalkboard pots look really cute, with the plant name written in white and the rim painted. via robinbecksnest.

DIY Chalkboard Pots With Folkart Stencils And Paint


These are also chalkboard pots of sorts, but they use the chalkboard idea as a detail rather than the whole concept. Stencils were also used to create the beautiful chalkboard shapes in this case. via triedandtrueblog.

DIY Mosaic Flower Pots Using Recycled China


You have China vases and now also China pots. These beautiful mosaic pots are a great excuse to save the pieces from broken China vases and sets. Pieced together, these China pieces make beautiful patterns that will make you forget you’re looking at ordinary terracotta pots. via bhg.

DIY Stenciled Flower Pots


Stenciling is the greatest DIY technique for those who have little time, are low on ideas or have a hard time painting anything freehanded. In this case, the stencil was used to create a white pattern on the terracotta pots, but there are endless stencils and colors you can use. via diycandy.

DIY Fairy House Flower Pots


This flower pot is a bit more of an elaborate design which takes a little time and patience to put together. The fairy door is created using garden materials like pebbles and such though, so at least they are easy to find. via consumercrafts.

DIY Fabric Covered Flower Pots


Another easy way to decorate and beautify flower pots is to cover them with solid or patterned fabric, which makes them look completely different. In this case, the bold and graphic floral pattern adds a pop of life and color which terracotta pots don’t have naturally. via shelterness.

Spray Painted Metallic Flower Pots


Everything looks better and more expensive in mirrored, metallic colors – that is also the case with flower pots. To get your gold, silver, bronze or any other color metallic pot, all you need to do is find some metallic spray paints and be prepared to make a shiny mess around you. Via artilleriet.

Mod Podge Photo Flower Pots


Mod Podge is great for DIY projects because it helps things adhere to surfaces. In this case, it was used to glue some pictures around a white terracotta pot, as well as a rainbow tartan trim, which makes it not only look cute but also really fun and original. via modpodgerocksblog.

DIY Chalk Painted Flower Pots


This is another take on the terracotta and chalkboard idea. The black of the trim and decorations gives a beautiful contrast against the natural terracotta, and the stenciled light blue butterflies add a cute touch. source.

Thumbprint Flower Pots


These pots are really bright and summery with their rainbow colored edges, but the thumbprint shapes also add a cute, original detail. via upstateramblings.

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Flower Pot


via gina-michele.

Geometric Painted Terracotta Pots


The geometric shapes painted on these pots in complementary colors are really cute and chic; you can use stencils, do them freehand or make them using a ruler and masking tape, like in this tutorial. You can also choose different, more contrasting colors to make a bigger statement with your geometric pots. via homedepot.

DIY Song Lyric Flower Pot


This is an idea specifically meant for music lovers. What you need to do is paint your pot a solid color or, better yet, find one with a smooth surface, and write the lyrics to your favorite song using a permanent pen. Alternatively, if you’re not into music, you can also always write a saying or poem using the same method.

DIY Chevron Pots


This white and gold chevron flower pot is elegant and trendy, and it isn’t that difficult to make. Like with the other geometric shapes, what you need to do is get a stencil or create a template using masking tape and then spray paint the uncovered area. It also looks gorgeous in other color combinations like black and gold or white and silver. via fleurdeselsf.

DIY Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots


These pots are so beautiful. What you need to do is paint your pots white and then add your shapes or trims using metallic or foil paper to achieve this chic look. via the36thavenue.

DIY Gold Foil Lettering On Flower Pots


via nestofposies-blog.

DIY Herringbone Flower Pots


via sparklelivingblog.

DIY Watermelon Flower Pots


Watermelon prints are trendy and, perhaps surprisingly, they make really cute flower pot designs. To do this, you need to paint your pot a shiny bright pink or red and then cover the rim with green paint. You can use a thinner brush and black paint to create the seeds or opt for a permanent marker, which gives the same effect. via darbysmart.

DIY Gold and White Herringbone Flower Pots


These white and gold clay pots are anything but basic. What you need to do is paint the pots white and the trim gold. Then, you can easily create the herringbone shape freehand using a large metallic permanent marker that matches your trim for a cohesive and elegant look. via thehappyhousie.

DIY Stars & Stripes Flower Pot


There’s no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with Patriotic Stars and Stripes flower pots. You will need to stencil in the stars, it’s true, but otherwise it is really nice to make and it will look super cute and fun in the garden. via happyhealthyhip.

DIY Jeweled Terra Cotta Pot


This is certainly a flower pot you won’t see everywhere or even every day. The different colored jewels are an extravagant touch, but they also add a 3D dimension and lots of color to the pots. via lushlittlelandscapes.

DIY Lace Flower Pots


via abeautifulmess.

DIY Cute Succulent Pineapple Planter


Have you ever noticed that succulents look a lot like the top of a pineapple? The person behind this DIY project clearly did. What you need to do is paint your pot a bright yellow or orange and add some texture to make it resemble the outer shell. Then you plant and arrange your succulents carefully and you’ll have a trendy succulent pineapple. via linesacross.

DIY Wood Sticks Flower Pot Tutorial


via xenianova.

DIY Shabby Chic Flower Pot


via onegirlinpink.

DIY Polka-Dotted Tiered Planters


via positivelysplendid.

DIY Chalkboard Herb Pots


via designdininganddiapers.

DIY Garden Planter and Birds Bath


via homestoriesatoz.

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