Amazing DIY Gel Candle Projects

Gel candles are one of the simplest DIY projects to make. Take a look at these amazing tutorials.

1. Under the sea

(Source: How to be Perfect Woman)

2. Pansy flower gel candles

(Source: Wei Lee)

3. Gummy bear gel candle

(Source: Fab Furnish)

4. Blue water gel candles

(Source: DIY Weddings)

5. Frothing beer gel candle

(Source: Candle and Soap)

6. Pot pourri gel candle

(Source: Smooth Candles)

7. Sequinned gel candle

(Source: How to be Perfect Woman)

8. Floating gel candles

(Source: JK Arts)

9. Layered cocktail gel candle

(Source: JK Arts)

10. Champagne gel candle

(Source: One Stop Party Ideas)

11. Strawberry mocktail gel candle

(Source: Soumz)

12. Applejack and orange peel gel candle

(Source: Bulk Apothecary)

13. Open blossom gel candle

(Source: Wedding Favours Unlimited)

14. Cinnamon apple cider gel candle

(Source: Cut Out and Keep)

15. Rainbow gel candle

(Source: Gel Art)

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