Amazing DIY Graduation Party Decoration Tutorials

You can make that awesome party a reality even on a budget with these Amazing DIY Graduation party ideas:


Rustic Burlap Table Tag. Put a bundle of flowers in the mason jar vase, tie rustic burlap tag around the neck of it to create the barn graduation party decor with a fresh flavor.source


An acrylic jar with a cute notepad to write a memory to place inside for the graduation. Every decor detail matches so perfectly to get this graduation party dolled up.source


Balloon Graduation Party Decor. Decorate the balloons to your heart’s content with streamers, garland, ribbons, tassels, silk flowers to dress up the top of your graduation party with a festive decor to set up the tone.source


Graduation Decoration Centerpiece. This stunning centerpiece decor features a graduate girl silhouette and huge pom poms down below in single or double color combo as you like. It will catch everyone’s attention with no doubt.source


Graduation Banner Decoration. This handmade banner uses sunflower yellow acrylic paint for the swirl accents and ribbons bows of the same color to coordinate with the theme of the party to create a unique and vintage style.source


Graduation Confetti Banner. Use the foam brush to apply mod podge to numbers and sprinkle on the confetti. Hang in the background for party decorations to create a stunning festive visual effect.source


Suitcase and Globe Graduation Decoration. Anchor your party set up with this interesting small suitcase and globe. This decoration style matches perfectly with the theme. It bears a good meaning too, you’re off to good places! Get on your way!source


Graduation Tassel Ornament. Create such a special graduation keepsake by pulling the top off and place the tassel thread inside recap on the ornament to finish off this interesting graduation decor to get your party dolled up.source


Block Garland Graduation Decor. It’s super chic to decorate your graduation party with this gorgeous acrylic block garland for perfect garnishment. The ‘Follow Your Dream’ picture board coordinate with this graduation party theme perfectly. source


Graduation Photo Display Decor. Clip all your photos, awards, graduation hat, diploma and the powder puff medal on the board to display the different stages in your life and recall the glorious time in your past. The photo display must leave a deep impression on every guests.source


Graduation Bunting Banners. Ornament your graduation party with these bunting banners come with twine for hanging and some can be personalized with your own photography as well as in your favorite color. It’s so fantastic to get your party dressed up in graduation theme.source


Silver Year Balloon. These silver mylar balloons spell out your graduation party to create a shining focal point for your graduation decor. These year balloons are just so fantastic to set up the festive tone for your graduation party.source


The Year in Photos Graduation Decor. Organize printed photos in the shape of your graduation year, add festive-colored balloons for an added touch for your graduation decoration to hit the guests with a fantastic and stunning visual effect.source


Elegant Graduation Table Decor. Use a chic, black tablecloth filled with flowers, mason jars, gift boxes and painted yearbook with personalized photos of the graduate to create an elegant table decor style to impress every guests come for your great celebration.source


Walls of Memories. Highlight the graduation process with photos from baby through senior year to create the personalized memory of the graduate in a unique and interesting style. This graduation decor must be the focal point to attract everyone’s attention on the party.source


Graduation Centerpiece Stick. Decorate your graduation party with these centerpiece sticks to carry out your party theme. Use a galvanized bucket, Styrofoam, silk flowers as well as a pretty ribbon to finish off your pretty party table decor.source


Graduation Photo Booth Prop. This graduation photo booth prop set include graduation caps, glasses and masks, ties as well as diploma matted as shown with ribbon to create your graduation party a funny decor and set up the tone for your celebration.source


Circle Paper Garland. This garland is easy to hang on mantels or draped over tables. It will definitely get your graduation party spiced up with its double sides.source


Fan Backdrop Graduation Decor. It’s very necessary to create a beautiful backdrop for your graduation party. Display fans in gold, black and white to match the graduation theme. All the diploma and stars add up for graduation flavor to this backdrop.source


Chalkboard Cheers Candy Bouquet Graduation Decor. Personalize the graduate’s large photo as the centerpiece, the sturdy metal stand and cone-shaped container will add height and interest to your graduation party display.source


Graduation Party Decoration Luminary. It must be a stunning hit to display these Personalized Graduation Party Centerpiece luminaries at the party. All the guests will enjoy the beautiful glow and ambiance when placed over a battery to operate the tea light.source


Wooden Sign Graduation Party Decor. Cut out letters and glue to paper plates, attach wooden dowels and stick into the lawn. This graduation decor serves as a direction guide for your party and it can also cut down your party expenditure.source


School Spirit Garland Graduation Decor. Cut paper into triangles, mark up the sign of your school thread them through to create this graduation pennant garland to reflect the spirit of your school and ornament your graduation party.source


Graduation Party Centerpiece. This glittering ‘Class of 2015’ table centerpiece for graduation decoration will create a stunning visual effect with the gold glittering mason jar. It will shine your bright future through.source


Funny Graduation Decoration. This graduation cap and gown champagne or wine bottle cover is just so fantastic with its funny outlook. It will definitely make the focal point of this graduation party.source

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