Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects

Awesome DIY Projects To Decorate Your Grown Up Apartment.

1 Twig Votives


Twig Votives: DIY Twig Votive Candle Holders (via Freutcake)

2 Revamped Vintage Tool Box


Revamped Vintage Tool Box: A few weeks ago, Joel and I went to our favorite flea market in Long Beach. That day was especially interesting, the Swiss Cross seemed to be a huge theme. From antique first aide kits to huge flag (via Hello Lidy)

3 Succulent Ampersand Wall Art


Succulent Ampersand Wall Art (via wild mae)

4 Braided Mirror


Braided Mirror: I recently bought a few small mirrors at a thrift store for $2 a piece. They had a couple of marks on them, but were otherwise in pretty decent condition. They were too plain to just hang straight on the wall though. So I started playing around with a couple of ideas, and landed on this one for a braided mirror upgrade. It’s a really inexpensive way to dress up a plain mirror and can be removed easily, if you decide you want your plain jane mirror back. Here’s how to make your own. Materials: small mirrors in various… (via Curbly)

5 Concrete Planters


Concrete Planters (via Learning Creating Living)

6 Marbled Flower Pot


Marbled Flower Pot: DIY marbled flower pots using nail polish. (via Gina Michele)

7 Paper Magnolia Blossoms


Paper Magnolia Blossoms: diy paper magnolia blossoms on a real branch by vitamini handmade (via vitamini handmade)

8 String Bowls


String Bowls: How to make bowls with string and glue. (via Homey Oh My!)

9 Add Pizzazz to Plain Pieces of Furniture


Add Pizzazz to Plain Pieces of Furniture: Decorate your home with these easy, do-it-yourself crafts that add fun touches to every room. (via Good Housekeeping)

10 Monogrammed Cup


Monogrammed Cup: DIY Home and Design (via Homey Oh My!)

11 Easy-care Place Mats


Easy-care Place Mats: Decorate your home with these easy, do-it-yourself crafts that add fun touches to every room. (via Good Housekeeping)

12 Paper Carnation


Paper Carnation: DIY Paper Flower Carnation Valentine’s Day Project Tutorial by Vitamini Handmade (via vitamini handmade)

13 Make Your Own Designer Switchplates


Make Your Own Designer Switchplates: See how you can make your own designer switch plates! Transform boring switch plates and outlet covers into designer ones in this simple diy tutorial! (via A Piece of Rainbow)

14 Washi Tape Wall Storage


Washi Tape Wall Storage: I have this little corner nook in my room that I thought would be perfect for displaying my washi tape. Since my room doubles as a craft storage room/studio, I love that this solution is practical and pretty! Its super easy and straightforward, so Im going to give you my tips instead of a full … Read more… (via Clover and Dot)

15 White Brick Vase


White Brick Vase: I love an easy tape and paint DIY when it comes to dressing up everyday objects. This brick design is a quick way to add some new life into your clear vases so they deserve those jaw dropping peonies and poppies in season right now. This DIY came together so quickly, and honestly- its my (via Say Yes)

16 Marquee Letter with Lights


Marquee Letter with Lights: A is for…… The first name of our soon to be born little boy! We are pretty up front with the details of our lives, but we are keeping his name a secret. We are 99.9% sure we are givi… (via Making a House a Home)

17 Pallet Wood Crate


Pallet Wood Crate: Make vintage orchard farm inspired pallet wood crate for almost free. Tutorial on transfer inkjet image to wood, plus recipe for home made furniture wax. (via A Piece of Rainbow)

18 Embroidered Vintage Wall Clock


Embroidered Vintage Wall Clock: I have recently found a lot of old burlap in my basement (yes, old enough to be really vintage!). For this reason I was thinking of ways to use it, when the idea of the clock came to my mind. Whether burlap is old or new, it always gives a vintage feeling to whatever it’s used for.For this project I had to make a stencil first, and for some reasons I always have a lot of fun with this technique. Making my own stencil is probably what makes it so fun, I don’t think that using an already cut stencil would make it that good…there’s so much more satisfaction in it!But other than this, there’s a whole new technique to me in this project: embroidery!A painted clock was ok, but I wanted to make it special somehow…that’s why I thought of embroidering on it.I learned how to cross stitch when … (via lindarose92)

19 Vintage Magazine Paper Lantern


Vintage Magazine Paper Lantern: One of my favorite places in my home is our screened in back porch. I love spending time out there reading or drinking my morning tea! I am in the middle of redecorating the porch this summer. I am changing Continued (via My So Called Crafty Life)

20 Shower Hook Closet Organizer


Shower Hook Closet Organizer: Make these shower hook closet organizers to hang up your accessories! (via The Chic Site)

21 Floral Monogram


Floral Monogram: How to decorate a monogram with fabric. (via Homey Oh My!)

22 Paint Chip Calendar


Paint Chip Calendar: Henry takes after me in that he likes having a schedule and knowing whats coming up. As a back to school project I thought it would be fun to create a family calendar together that he can help decorate as our routine starts back up and our fall plans start solidifying. He has a wonderful (via Say Yes)

23 Black and White Geometric Art


Black and White Geometric Art: *This post contains affiliate links. A couple weeks ago I posted about the new gallery wall that I put together in our Master bedroom. I made a few new pieces of art for the gallery wall, and the o (via Persia Lou)

24 Decorative Fisherman Netting Wrapped Jars


Decorative Fisherman Netting Wrapped Jars (via Stow and TellU)

25 Sea Glass Bowl


Sea Glass Bowl: This post includes affiliate links For this project you will need, Aliene’s tacky glue Plastic sandwich Wrap Seaglass (you can find real sea glass at the (via Debis Design Diary)

26 Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter


Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter (via Nalle’s House)

27 Printed Woven Basket


Printed Woven Basket: DIY Painted Woven Basket (via Lovely Indeed)

28 Quote Pillows


Quote Pillows: This DIY tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions to making the most adorable (and custom!) quote pillows around! Choose a quote of your liking and stencil it on any type of plain pillow cover (via Momtastic)

29 Lamp Makeover


Lamp Makeover: See how to give an old table a chippy paint look, and how to paint a Chevron lampshade! Give your old furniture a makeover with just paint! (via A Piece of Rainbow)

30 Kallax IKEA Hack


Kallax IKEA Hack: A fab Kallax IKEA Hack DIY. Upgrade your new Kallax Book Shelf with Neon Yellow Panyl, a fabulous product to customize furniture to match your every whim! (via Flax and Twine)

31 Painted Rope Votives


Painted Rope Votives: How to make easy Painted Rope Votives (via Freutcake)

32 No-sew Pillow Pocket


No-sew Pillow Pocket: Decorate your home with these easy, do-it-yourself crafts that add fun touches to every room. (via Good Housekeeping)

33 Rainbow Heart Banner


Rainbow Heart Banner: I got a little giddy when I saw the pretty range of craft felt colors at my local craft store. Thought they’d make a lovely Valentines Day banner to cheer up a wintery window. Also, see that polka dot skirt? Thrift store find! For the full instructions on making this Valentines Day banner go here (via Say Yes)

34 Wood Sign


Wood Sign: This post brought to you by Kolette Hall. Have you seen those wood signs around that have fun quotes or sayings? I have seen them online, in stores and in peoples homes. They are a fun statement piece and I have always wanted one. One of the problems I have found as I DIY more (via Grey Luster Girl)

35 Birch Tree Wall Art


Birch Tree Wall Art: This post was originally created by me for Dariceand contains affiliate links for your convenience.You know those grown up lady paint party places that are popping up all over the place lately? Li (via Persia Lou)

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