Amazing DIY Lap Desks

We give you the Top 10 lap desk tutorials, to enhance your lounging experience and save you some money in the process.

Travel Lap Tray

Parents, if you don’t want to hear that annoying “Are we there yet” on long trips, you must make this fun, portable and foldable lap tray. With it, your child will be sufficiently entertained during the whole trip without making a mess of the car.


Padded Pillow Lap Desk

Many people use pillows as an improvised lap desk for working on the laptop. They know that although it is an improvement it still isn’t stable enough. So to get that stability, try this lovely pillow lap desk tutorial.


Foam Board No-Sew Lap Desk

This is probably the simplest and easiest lap desk that you can make. All you need is a foam board, some fabric and glue. No sewing, hammering or welding. Just a simple foam block that will keep the items in your lap nice and steady.


Lap Desk With Storage Compartment

This classical looking lap desk, has a secret… Compartment. It kind-of resembles those old-fashioned school desks. If you’re looking for a lap desk with extra storage space, you will love making this project.


Two-In-One Side Table And Lap Desk

Those of you who live in small apartments know that every inch of free space mattes. So, having a multi-purposed furniture is a very usefull and welcomed thing to have. This side table is designed in such a way that with one pull, becomes a perfect bed tray. For a similar model, take a look at these instructions.


A Better Laptop Stand For Bed

This stand is perfect for finishing those last minute dead-lines on your laptop while stretching out your legs in bed. The beauty of this laptop stand is that it can be folded and stored almost anywhere and it is a lot more affordable to make then to buy.


The Lappyvator

If you are a a terrible woodworker, then you will love this projects that only requires assembling plumbing PVC pipe parts. This laptop stand is light, small, easy to make and allows you to work on the computer while completely lying down in bed.


3-in-1 Upholstered Tray Bench

Everyone loves furniture that can serve more than one function. This repurposed sewing bench makes a daring side table with sufficient storage space, which top is removed to srrve as serving tray or a nice lap desk.


Foldable Laptop Stand

This bed tray might look outdated, but it has one thing that will convince you to make it . With legs that can fold, it can easily be changed from a serving tray to a lap desk and it can be easily stored away as well.


Laptop Desk

Whit it’s simplicity and elegant look, this short legged laptop desk will make a great instant working station for you or for your child who prefers sitting on the floor rather on a desk.


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