Amazing DIY Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

It’s true. There’s no standard laundry room size, shape or layout. Often these utility spaces are created in awkward leftover areas after every other room in the home has been planned out.

1. Build an ironing centre


2. Add bins and hooks in the closet for better storage

 White House, Black Shutters

3.Hide deep sorting bins and pull-out drying racks discreetly in cupboards

Houzz TV

4. Reclaimed wood countertops for modern farmhouse laundry

Addicted 2 DIY

5. Merge two spaces


6.  Simple but functional wall piece ideas

Worthing Court

7. Extending wall mounted laundry rack

Home Staging in Bloomington

8. DIY, wall mounted lint catcher

Polished Habitat.

9. Super simple closet to laundry room transformation

Ian Ingram

10.  Super fun Mod Podge washing machine makeover

Grillo Design

11. Tiny wall baskets for laundry supplies


12. Leave space for deep sorting bins for big families

 Home Posh

13.  Rustic pipe and board shelves for space efficient storage

Taryn Whitaker

14. Suspended clothes drying rod

 Interior Frugalista

15. Build a folding laundry table

Twelve on Main

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