Amazing DIY Outfits

Check out these cool DIY projects and learn how to make some cool stuff to wear today!

Wrap Ruffle Skirt 

A Pair & A Spare

2. Buttoned Plaid Skirt 

Merrick’s Art

3. Breezy Floral Tee 

It’s Always Autumn

4. Simple Linen Top

The Thread!

5. Wide Leg Striped Pants 

Loves Punk

6. Spring Maxi Dress 

The Creative Spark!

7. Cocoon Cardigan 

Sew in Love!

8. Sweater Wrap 

A Beautiful Mess.

9. Sleeveless Blazer 

Spring in Fialta!

10. Zip Back Knit 

A Pair & A Spare

11. Ombre Dress

Rue Now.

12. Ripped Jeans 


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