Amazing DIY Plastic Bags Projects

Unfortunately, only one to three percent of all plastics used are recycled. The good news is that there are many things you can do with plastic grocery bags if your city hasn’t already banned them.

1. Tote bag made from heat fused plastic bags

Scrap Hacker

2. Braided plastic bag basket


3. DIY plarn for crocheting

Fantasvale Art Lab

4. Crocheted plarn tote bag

Perhaps you actually have heard of plarn or you recently made some, but now you’re just looking for useful, appropriate patterns that will actually help you make things with it? Well, one of our favourite things to make with our DIY plarn has always been large tote bags because they’re easy to clean and very strong. Check out this fantastic and easy-to-make pattern on Green Fountaindale!

5. Plastic bag friendship bracelets

Viviane Rose

6. Plastic bag dispensers from a tissue box

DIY to Try

7. DIY plastic bag coin purse

Totally Green Crafts

8. DIY plastic bag jump rope

Paint Covered Kids

9. Jumbo plastic bag pom pom decor


10. Plastic bag snowman art

Crafts n’ Coffee

11. Plastic bag Easter baskets

Love Doing Crafts

12. Plastic bag wind sock ghosts

Small For Big

13. Table cloth and plastic bag outdoor pillows

Two It Yourself.

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