Amazing DIY Slipper Ideas

There are twelve different styles to choose from and the hardest thing will be deciding which ones you’re going to make first…

Up-cycled Sweater Slippers – This amazing DIY is easier than you think and will keep your toes toasty during cold winter months. All you need is an old sweater…and we all have one of those lying around!

Up-cycled Slipper Boots – As the cold nights draw in you’ll love coming home to these warm slipper boots. Why not make a pair in every color?

Bath Towel Slippers – Stop! Don’t throw out that old bath towel but give these a go instead! Soft, cozy and comfy…they’re everything you want from a pair of slippers!

DIY Felt Slippers – Winter is one of the best times of the year…hot chocolate, fireplaces and slippers! If you’ve never tried making them before then these felt slippers are a great place to start.

Open-Toed Flip Flop Slippers – Easy to slide on and off, these open-toed slippers are not only convenient but stylish too! With minimal sewing involved, you don’t need to be a master-crafter to make them!

Make Your Own Ballet Slippers – For fun and fashionable footwear that you’ll love wearing, these homemade ballet slippers are perfect!

DIY Moccasins – Give your feet a treat with these soft leather slippers, they’re super comfortable and easy to make!

How To Make Slippers From Jeans – With a bit of imagination (and this tutorial) you too can make a pair of slippers out of old jeans!

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers – Keep warm this Winter with these cute and cozy bunny slippers. They’re simple to make and, with step-by-step photography, this tutorial is easy to follow. Hop to it!

Fleece Slippers For Kids – These adorable fleece slippers are ideal for keeping little toes warm.

DIY Slipper Socks – Add some grip to your favorite fluffy socks with this fantastic DIY. You don’t even need a sewing machine…these are easy peasy!

Felt Soles For Crocheted Slippers –  To protect your handmade crocheted slippers and prevent slipping on hardwood floors, there is no better tutorial than this! Make your own felt soles and breathe new life into your footwear!

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