Amazing DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, if you could give your loved ones the world, you would. DIY gifts that come from the heart are as close as it gets.

1. Glitter Tumbler

Studio DIY

2. Heart Candy Pot

Popcorn and Chocolate

3. Heart Bath Bombs


4. Conversation Heart Rings

Studio DIY

5. Gold-Dipped Keychain

Squirrelly Minds

6. Resin Heart Paperweight

Lovely Indeed

7. Fabric-Wrapped Bouquets

Sugar & Cloth

8. Strawberry & Lemon Scrub

Sweet Teal

9. Golden Chocolate Hearts

Spruce Eats

10. Natural Rose Perfume


11. Pizza Jewelry Dish

Kitten Hood.

12. Floral Heart Wreaths

Design Improvised

13. Conversation Heart Pillow

Brit + Co

14. Painted Mug

The Proper Blog

15. Graphic Acrylic Purse

Studio DIY

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