Amazing DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Coworkers

Check out these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gift that are perfect for making your coworkers or office mates feel cared for on Valentine’s Day because they’re more seasonal than loving, and because they’ll actually use them!

1. Chalkboard heart frames

Crafts by Courtney

2. Valentine’s slime

Growing a Jeweled Rose

3. Mini sock pillows

Sas Does.

4. Valentine’s Day bath bombs

Arts and Crafts Family

5. Pucker Up mason jar

Shaken Together Life

6. Stamped muslin candy bags

Urban Comfort

7. Valentine’s Day Tic Tacs

The Idea Room

8. Valentine’s heart snow globe


9. Takeout candy boxes

Confetti Sunshine 

10. Love potion bubble bath

Sugar Cloth‘s

11. Valentine’s party poppers

At the Picket Fence

12. Peppermint infusion bags

Homeoloy Modern Vintage

13. Painted wooden coasters

A Bubbly Life

14. Notepaper treat bags

White Gunpowder‘s

15. Valentine’s Day succulent planters

Vitamini Handmade

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