Amazing DIY Weaving Crafts

Here are some amazing weaving projects for kids to do and to enjoy!

1. DIY waves and Soumak woven wall art

Petit Bou de Chou.

2. Basic multi-textured weaving

A Beautiful Mess

3. Texture practice weaving

A Pretty Fix

4. Adding fabric to weaving

Hello Hydrangea

5. Miniature weaving with a clipboard loom

Gathering Beauty.

6. How to fix 7 common issues in weaving

The Weaving Loom

7. Knotting and weaving with roving


8. A guide to lap looms for very beginners

The Weaving Loom

9. Adding tassels to woven pieces

Mollie Makes

10. Jumbo pom pom and fringe wall weaving

We Are Scout

11. Simple inset colour changing techniques

A Pretty Fix

12. Multi-levelled fringe and tassel weaving

Honestly WTF

13. Inset roving pulls in weaving

Bonnie Christine

14. How to make a cardboard loom

The Weaving Loom.

15. Traditional branch weaving


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