Amazing Duct Tape Crafts

This heavy duty adhesive tape is great for crafting. It’s so versatile and is a major feature in so many crafty projects.

Duct tape now comes in so many different fun colors and patterns (take a look at some of the most fun colors and patterns here) that you can use all different types to add unique design features and patterns to your projects.

In this blog post, we share seventeen of the best duct tape crafts from around the web…

Waterproof Bag – This simple DIY can be done in any color or design for a personal and completely waterproof bag, perfect for the beach or the wet and miserable months.

Super Hero Mask – Perfect for fancy dress or keeping the kids occupied…or if you are a billionaire recluse with loads of cool gadgets.

Duct Tape Belt – With so many different styles of Duct tape available you can update your wardrobe with every color belt you could want.

Super Easy Hair Bows – These bows are easy to make and are a wonderful hair accessory.

No Sew Tote Bag – You will already have everything you need to make your own tote bag and this great tutorial shows you everything you need to do.

Duct Tape Flower – Make these wonderful accessories in any color you want and add them to any outfit or even use it to decorate your home and bring a bit of easy color.

Vase – Your flowers will need a vase and what better than this excellent duct tape DIY option.

Duct Tape Bunting/Garland – Waterproof and colorful the perfect combination for bunting  which you can use either inside or out!

Braided Bracelet – This is a fun twist on the classic friendship bracelet and is really easy to do and comes with a full step by step guide.

Duct Tape Wallet – Not many wallets are waterproof or as sturdy as one made with duct tape, you can even adapt it to have as many card holders as you need.

Simple Phone Case – This wonderful design can be adapted for any phone and will make an excellent waterproof phone case.

Duct Tape Sandals – Design your own, made to measure, one of a kind sandals.

Homemade Earrings – You can use duct tape to make a number of different shaped earrings however this popular post shows you how to make them in a feather styled.

iPad Case – Cover your iPad in style with this wonderful tutorial and make a completely waterproof and sturdy case.

Patio Table – You don’t have to spend a fortune to get new furniture for your patio with this awesome tutorial.

Lawn Chair – Old raggedy lawn chairs are everywhere and with this tutorial you can turn it into a sturdy and comfortable chair anyone would be proud to won.

DIY Messenger Bag – Great for kids and adults this bag is perfect for throwing over your shoulder and stuffing whatever you need into it.

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