Amazing Fake Easter Eggs

Today there are blank Styrofoam or plastic egg that you can buy and decorate just as you would the real thing and even in countless other ways that you might not even known about. So, this Easter, make some fabulous fake Easter eggs with the help from our Top 10 tutorials. They are also great for the kids-favorite egg hunt.

String Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for some unusual Easter eggs then you need to make these string eggs. Aside from being wonderful decorative pieces, they also make great Easter treat bags to give to the children by placing candy or small toys inside.


Needle-felted Easter Eggs

You won’t know whether to display or cuddle these lovely and soft needle-felted Easter Eggs. With some colored felt, a styrofoam shaped egg and some time, you too can have some of these cute and creative Easter eggs at your table.


Yo Yo Embellished Easter Egg

If you like sewing you might have come across these fun yo yo fabrics and if you liked them, then you will love this styrofoam yo yo covered Easter egg. Just keep in mind that you can’t do this project in one day, so you should start making those yo yos today.


Armored Easter Egg

For those who love medieval themes or a fantasy series, here is an Easter egg that will surely find its way into their collection. It may look complicated, but this armored egg is surprisingly easy to make, with just some pin heads from tacks and some hot glue.


Braided Easter Eggs

Here is an eco-friendly project for those who love braiding. Using recycled water bottles an some left-over fabric strips you can make these lovely and colorful Easter eggs that will certainly make you feel like spring has come.


Lace Easter Eggs

Truly, sometimes less it more. If you like some elegance in your Easter egg decorations then these chic eggs are just the thing you need. You will simply love this combination of brown paper mache eggs with a strip of delicate white lace.


‘Shabby Chic’ Fabric Easter Eggs

At glance, you might mistake these eggs for a misplaced ball of scrap fabric, but you will see the true beauty of the deign once you take a closer look. This crocheted Easter egg is made from T-shirt or fabric yarn and it will bring a cozy feel to your Easter decor.


Sew Fabric Egg Pattern

Here is another fun way to use up all those tiny fabric pieces left from other sewing projects. Make dozens of these patched up Easter eggs that will quickly become a big hit with the kids, especially if you hide them for the Easter egg hunt.


Sakura Easter Eggs

Cherry blossoms are messengers of spring, and since Easter is a hoiday that celebrates the rebirth of nature, having a sakura (cherry blossom) egg makes perfect sense. Let your sakura egg stand out by making it from yarn and lower sequins.


Cement Easter Eggs

This Easter egg will never, ever break, no matter how much you try. Made with concrete poured in molds from real eggs, these eggs will last you a lifetime. The addition of a gold color just make theme even more shiny and desirable. They are very simple to make and after Easter, you can use them in many other ways.


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