Amazing Festive Decorations Using Pine Cones

Christmas is coming up quickly, so if you’re looking to create some new decorations this season, you’ll want to get a head start!

Project materials can get pretty expensive, particularly if you’re looking to go all out with your decorating, using natural materials is the perfect way to keep the costs down.

Pine Cones, in particular, are abundant in many parts of the country, and when gathered in the fall and treated to remove any bugs, they’re the perfect way to decorate. If they don’t grow in your area, simply order some from Amazon here.

From unique wreaths to grace your front door to garlands and even tiny ornaments, we’ve gathered a variety of really neat projects that are sure to delight and amaze the guests at your home.

Each featured project is fairly simple to make, and many are kid-friendly, so the whole family can pitch in!We hope you’re inspired to get out this fall and start gathering pine cones for your winter decor!

Snowflake Pine Cone Wreath – Collect various shapes and sizes of pine cones for this project, then glue together, paint, and you have a snowflake-shaped wreath for your front door that’s super festive!

Pine Cone Cluster Door Decor – If you’re not a big fan of wreaths, this cute little cluster of pine cones held together with a nice, thick silk ribbon might be exactly your style.

White Pine Cone Wreath With Cardinals –  This take on a pine cone wreath is a little more traditional, with red Christmas bulbs and faux cardinals as accent pieces.

Pine Cone Garland –  A traditional garland that will look great on your mantle or staircase, and is made entirely out of pine cones and string. It’s a great, subtle way to decorate for the holidays!

Glitter & Snow Pine Cones – These simple ornaments are a fantastic addition to any rustic-style Christmas tree. Plus, they sparkle so prettily!

DIY Pine Cone Tree Centerpiece – A centerpiece that you will love to display throughout the season, this tower of pinec ones is strung with small lights to spruce it up a little.

Pine Cone Elves – These adorable little elves are adorable little pieces that can be displayed on any surface in your home. Little jingle bells on their hats are the perfect detail.

Pine Cone Gift Wrap Garnish – Add pine cones and branches to your gift wrap to spruce up the Christmas packages. This is a super cute idea that won’t cost you a lot of money.

Lighted Box for Faux Fireplace – You might not have a fireplace, but you don’t have to have a blank spot in your home! Add this adorable box stuffed with branches, cut logs, and pine cones to bring the outdoors in. Adding a few lights really ups the ante.

Pine Cone Candle Holders – These cute hollowed out pine cones are perfect for displaying small votives. Just be sure to watch them and blow out the candles whenever you leave the room!

Pine Cone Wreath – This is an ultra traditional pine cone wreath without any embellishments. The sheer size is adornment enough!

Snowy Pine Cone topiaries – This is a unique decor idea that makes all the pine cones look like painted roses. Arranged with other pine cone decorations, they become even more stunning.

Pine Cone Miniature Christmas Trees – These little crafts are best done with pine cones from sugar pines, which tend to be longer and thinner. This is a great project for the kids!

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