Amazing Henna Tattoo Ideas

We’ve gathered together the most beautiful henna tattoos we could find in hopes that you can find some inspiration here.

1. Pretty floral feet


2. Pretty floral palms

The Hunt‘s

3. Pointillist floral Mehndi patterns

Boat People Boutique! 

4. Floral henna “bracelet”

Merxus DIY 

5. Super intricate palms and forearms


6. Geometric knuckles

Boat People Boutique.

7. Simple henna quote

Top Inspired 

8. Powderless DIY henna tattoos

Chic Unique 

9. Pretty mandala style Mehndi fingers

Boat People Boutique.

10. Triangular hand cuff

Bath n’ Body Crafts!

11. Leaf inspired patterns


12. Dual colour henna

Love and Fashion 

13. Delicate finger patterns

Henna Art by Aroosa 

14. Stunning white henna

Fashion Glint

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