Amazing Homemade Notebooks

Even the tiniest detail in your home office – like a notebook tossed casually on the desk – can speak volumes about your life and style.

After all, they say, “the tools maketh the man”. But sometimes the man makes the tools, too.

1. Gold foil quote notebooks

Lovely Indeed

2. Mini notebooks

Design Love Fest

3. Button fasten pocket sized notebook

Creme de la Craft!

4. Decorative paper notebooks

Blog of The Things

5. Sewn spine DIY notebooks

 Crafting Fingers

6. Customized composition books

Smiling Colors

7. Homemade folded journals

 A Beautiful Mess

8. Embroidered cardboard cover notebooks

Embroidered Notebook DIY

Make & Fable

9. Midori-style traveler’s notebook

Stamped in His Image

10. Washi tape embellished notebook


11. Hand illustrated and sewn notebook

Barnyard Hillbilly’s

12. DIY travel notebook

Paper Nerd

13. Repurposed matchbook notebook

Miss Vicky Viola

14. Stitching and fabric notebook

Flax and Twine

15. Mini fabric covered notebook

The Creative Place

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