Amazing Homemade PVC Pipe Shoe Rack Tutorial

If you need a solution to store all of you shoes in limited space, check out this diy shoe rack from pvc pipe.

PVC are so versatile to make for home and garden. We have some PVC projects featured on our website, the fun way to giant knit blanket with PVC is super exciting, and this stacked PVC shoe rack  will be another neat way to keep doorway and closet organized.

DIY Shoe Rack Via Cookie Loves Milk

Cut by cutting your PVC pipes in a length that meets your requirement and in the number of pieces you need, and glue the cut PVC pipes together with Gorilla Glue or PVC cement.

PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer Via

Then you can decide the base of the rack you want, the projects above uses 3 peices together as the base, you can change the base or stacking method to own needs. Then glue each set on top of the other until you are satisfied with the height.

Amy on Homemade Simple shares the video on making the PVC rack below, enjoy:

Credit:  Homemade Simple

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