Amazing Hot Chocolate Recipes

As you explore and taste these recipes, you will discover the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate. Also called “drinking chocolate,” many of the most luscious recipes melt real chocolate into warm milk, creating the ultimate comfort drinks.

1. Chocolate and sprinkle cocoa stir-in spoons


2. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and a candy cane stir stick

Food Network

3. Rich Nutella hot chocolate

Genius Kitchen

4. Vegan dairy free holiday hot chocolate

Britton Loves

5. White peppermint hot chocolate

Carina Stewart

6. Peppermint mocha hot chocolate with coffee

Crazy for Crust

7. Homemade melted drinking chocolate

Ali Larter.

8. Hershey Kisses hot chocolate

Mom Always Finds Out

9. Christmas morning Barcelona hot chocolate

Hot Beauty Health

10. Frozen hot chocolate

Ten Thousand Villages

11. Mexican spiced hot chocolate

Gimme Some Oven!

12. Old fashioned malted hot chocolate

Taste of Home

13. Gingerbread hot chocolate

Hot Beauty Health

14. Dutch hot chocolate

Mix n’ Sip

15. Hot chocolate with egg liqueur

Theris Wardrobe

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