Amazing Kitchens with White Brick Walls

1. Columbus Residential

In this kitchen, the walls are treated differently. One wall has green color while another has brick walls. Another one has a different texture where a sunburst clock is installed. You can try doing this for your kitchen walls too.

2. SoHo Loft Renovation


A loft renovation wherein the bricks were painted white and is a good backdrop for the kitchen and other spaces in the house.

3. Wellesley


A traditional kitchen with browns, golds and brass accents. The white textured wall is a good way to bring more depth to the kitchen’s look.

4. Hebron House


The wooden table with white chairs look really nice together just like how the combination of plain white walls and brick walls jive well with contrasting texture.

5. San Francisco


The glossy cabinets and kitchen islands are a good match with the white brick walls in this kitchen. The ceiling has exposed wooden beams that give it a subtle industrial feel.

6. Bratislava Apartment


With the looks of the ceiling and wall, you can tell that this kitchen has a rich history! Love what they did to this one especially the green cabinet with built-in oven.

7. Flatiron


The kitchen used wood in most of its furniture and even on the ceiling and flooring. I like it that the ceiling protruded downwards just near the range hood. And yes, this one has white brick walls to that complemented the area.

8. Pease Rd. Residence


Interesting white kitchen with subtle light green accents on the furniture. Hanging cabinets are installed on the brick walls.

9. Fawn Ridge


I could say that this kitchen looked like a combination of modern and traditional design. The walls and the cabinets are traditional in style while the appliances and equipments were all modern.

10. Cooking and Dining


Such a beautiful and cozy space to cook and dine. Notice the pots that were hanged on steel on the wall. It seems like it is also an added decor to the area.

11. Manzanita Residence


The backsplash used white brick walls which were also used in the column as well. Wood is used for the furniture in the kitchen as well as for the kitchen island. Look at that pendant light- very unique, isn’t it?

12. Scandinavian Renovation


You can feel the warmth in this kitchen from the walls to the floors. On the wall runs a floating wooden shelf that holds some kitchen decors.

13. Eclectic Kitchen


A traditional kitchen used brick walls to create shelving and partitions. Nice idea, right? It has shelves on both sides while the range went in the middle.

14. Laight Street Loft


That pendant light is stunning in orange and white. Wooden cabinets and kitchen island with white countertop were utilized in the space. The white brick walls has a huge impact to the area.

15. Tanya Capaldo Designs


Of course, you would expect walls like this for an industrial kitchen. What I like here are the lights as well as the cabinets with wine storage.

16. White Brick Mediterranean


Geometric patterns in black and white are used for this kitchen white glossy brick walls. The chairs add some pop of bold colors into the space.

17. 1770’s Kitchen Remodel


Wooden details match well with the walls as well as the white cabinets in this kitchen. Adding a pendant light is a good idea to bring beauty to the kitchen.

18. Yale Street Residence


This kitchen has hanging cabinets on the white walls that are covered with bricks. The shiny texture of the countertop is a good contrast to the walls.

19. Rosedale Cottage


This one has a both the plain brick walls and a painted white brick wall where the range hood and cabinets are hanged. This long and narrows kitchen has everything one needs for food preparation.

20. Seamless Elegance


What a neat white kitchen! Even if it used white brick walls with an uneven texture, the entire look of the space is still beautiful. Interesting artwork is added on the counter too.

21. Contemporary Loft


The spaces above the cabinet of the kitchen were used to carry decors and displays. You can see some painted artworks as well as large jars. Cabinets were added to the brick walls part of the house. Note that the kitchen island is lighted too. And another thing that is very interesting here is that hand shaped chair!

22. Boston Loft Kitchen and Bar


This modern kitchen has a simple design which allows the materials to complement each other from the stainless steel counter and the existing wood beams above, and the dark bamboo floor and the white brick walls.

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