Amazing Knitted Baby Bootie Ideas

Knit up a pair of baby shoes that parents will cherish forever with one of these adorable patterns.

1. Baby Uggs

Autumn Street

2. Baby Hug Boots

Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days.

3. Lace cuffed baby booties

Bernat Design Studio.

4. Baby loafers

Julia Noskova

5. Dragon baby booties

Kathie Popadin.

6. Apple blossom baby booties

Julia Noskova

7. Baby Goth Studded Skull Boots

Baby Goth Knits

8. Baby booties with belts

Elena Mitchell

9. Nordic baby booties with buttons

Anne Dresow.

10. Sea Wave baby booties

Julia Noskova

11. Daisy booties

Yelena Chen.

12. Cappuccino baby booties


13. Yellow Pearl baby booties

Tatsiana Matsiuk

14. Baby booties with 3 bobbles

Julia Noskova.

15. Little Owl booties

Patricia Ostate.

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