Amazing Knitted Scarf Patterns

These scarves are gorgeous ways to try out new techniques like lace and cables, or to take a break from more challenging projects.

1. Stone scarf

Canadian Living

2. Rippenschal scarf

Margarete Dolff!

3. Zig Zag scarf


4. In Awe chunky scarf

Brome Fields

5. Brioche Knitting Diamonds scarf

 Happy Knitter.

6. Bracken men’s scarf

The Wool Nest

7. Waving Chevrons scarf


8. Pinstripe scarf

Cowgirl Blues

9. Watching British Mysteries on Netflix scarf

Tricoteuse de Nord

10. Lace scarf

Universal Yarn‘s

11. Spring Moss Lace scarf

Merry Melody Designs.

12. Easy Brioche scarf

Sapphire Shawl

13. Snake scarf

 Be Sweet.

14. Kellen Ruffle scarf

Nita B. & Nisha N. Inc

15. Feather and Fan Lace scarf


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