Amazing Lizard Themed DIY Projects

These fun crafts for kids will allow your child to explore the wonderful world of lizards, in a way that keeps the actual creatures out of your home (win-win!).

1. Slinky paper lizards

Art, Paper, Scissors

2. Paper plate and Bingo dobber turtles

 Fun Crafts 4 Kids

3. Twisted pipe cleaner lizards

Lines Across

4. Embossed paper lizards

Art Blast

5. Water colour lizard collages

Colours Of My Day

6. 3D paper lizards

Art Explorez

7. Crayon and water colour lizards

Outside The Linz

8. Rainbow reptile manicure

Robin Moses Nail Art

9. Rice filled felt and bead lizard

Cut Out and Keep

10. Sparkly lizard scale nails

She Wants a Tutu

11. “Mixed up” chameleon

The Way of Art

12. Perler bead lizard and background

Cut Out and Keep

13. Easy felt lizard sewing project


14. Spool knit lizard

Cut Out and Keep

15. Toy lizard clothing pins

Jacolyn Murphy

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