Amazing Macrame DIY Tutorials

We’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more updated elements like colorful nylon cord and glossy metal charms. Happy knotting!

1 Macramé Back Bra

Macramé Back Bra (via Trash To Couture)

2 Macrame Dreamer


Macrame Dreamer: Ive been a big fan of Ouch flower for some time now, ever since I discovered Pippas tasseled pieces on pinterest and tracked down her website. I was immediately taken with the bright colours and intricate knots, her dipped rope tassels and spiralled macrame had me immediately dreaming of beach… (via A Pair and A Spare)

3 Scandinavian Style Knotted Trived


Scandinavian Style Knotted Trived: We Are Scout is a new lifestyle blog and joint collaboration by Australian bloggers Lisa Tilse (formerly the red thread) and Rebecca Lowrey Boyd (formerly Wee Birdy). Lisa and Rebecca have been blogging for a combined 13 years, along with many years experience in the magazine, publishing and design industries. Based in Sydney, both Lisa and Rebecca offer an expert global view with a distinctly Australian voice and focus. (via We Are Scout)

4 Macrame Hanging Vase


Macrame Hanging Vase (via Tuts+)

5 Macrame T-shirt Throw


Macrame T-shirt Throw: Relev Design transforms commonly discarded materials into new useful lighting, home accessories, and furniture. By injecting a hefty dose of design into upcycling, we make beautiful and desirable objects that happen to be eco-friendly too. (via Relevé Design)

6 Macrame Tshirt Yarn Top


Macrame T-shirt Yarn Top (via Trash To Couture)

7 Easy Macrame Wall Hanging


Easy Macrame Wall Hanging: Today. We Talk Macrame. I feel like this needs a more dramatic intro. It’s friggin’ macrame! An iconic craft form that’s lasted generations. From wall hangings, to planters, to lampshades to whatev… (via A Designer at Home)

8 Macrame Wall Hanging


Macrame Wall Hanging: I have to admit that up until recently macrame would have been at the end of the list of things I wanted to hang on my walls to me it brought back memories of mildewed brown pieces I found by the dozen in thrift stores when I was growing up. One particular macrame find an owl made out of… (via A Pair and A Spare)

9 Macrame Lawn Chair


Macrame Lawn Chair: Hello everybody and welcome to the first ever Henhouse video tutorial. I know crazy, right? I’m not super good at these sorts of things so please let me know if I am missing any vital information. In the below vid you will see the looping method that is key to weaving a macrame chair. I tried to make the pics as thorough as possible so you would get the trick. (via Deuce Cities Henhouse)

10 Macrame Fringe Table Runner


Macrame Fringe Table Runner: Happy Friday friends! Are you moms looking forward to a little bit of spoiling this weekend? Mothers Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year I get to be part of all of the fun kid stuff but all of the less glamorous duties (fixing meals, breaking up sisterly arguments, etc.) fall to Mr. Driven by Dcor. I may even be putting in a request to have Mothers Day dinner in the dining room this year I just finished up making a table runner that that needs some oohing and aahing from the whole fam. (via Driven by Decor)

11 Po Chairs


Po Chairs: Knotted Melati Hanging Chair (via Anthropologie)

12 Macrame Curtain


Macrame Curtain: Trey and I have been (slowly) fixing up our home office these past six months. I’m excited that, for the most part, we’re done (!!!!!), and I’ll be sharing a full room tour later this week. The room is an extra bedroom, so it had a closet that I wanted to convert into an extra storage area but that wasn’t a total eye sore. This closet used to have a… (via A Beautiful Mess)

13 Project Lamp


Project Lamp (via Rennes)

14 Macramé Screens


Macramé Screens (via Mr. Mitchell)

15 Macrame Belt


Macrame Belt (via This Year’s Dozen)

16 Retro Owl Pendant


Retro Owl Pendant (via Knot Just Macrame)

17 Macrame Hot Pink Wall Hanging


Macrame Hot Pink Wall Hanging: Wall hangings are all the rage again. See how you can use paracord with traditional macrame knots to create a fresh, hip DIY macrame wall hanging! (via Crafts Unleashed)

18 Ombre Macrame Wall Hanging with a Copper Pipe Heart


Ombre Macrame Wall Hanging with a Copper Pipe Heart (via nostalgiecat)

19 Knotted Chevron Necklace


Knotted Chevron Necklace: A second version of the knotted chevron necklace making use of the same basic knot but in a slightly different arrangement to create a completely different stripe pattern! This necklace is made with double half hitch knots. Most friendship bracelets are made with just half hitches be sure to look over this diagram Read More (via How Did You Make This?)

20 Polka Dot Handing Planter


Polka Dot Handing Planter: Dress up your front porch with a simple and cute polka-dot DIY hanging planter or two! Perfect project for anyone looking to add some greenery to a space! (via Crafts Unleashed)

21 Macrame Flower


Macrame Flower (via Forgotten Store)

22 Macrame a Plant Hanger


Macrame a Plant Hanger (via This Year’s Dozen)

23 Macrame Two-Tier Plant Hanger


Macrame Two-Tier Plant Hanger (via Clara Mae James)

24 Macrame Yarn Garland


Macrame Yarn Garland: I love a good garland as much as the next blogger, so when I found myself needing to add some color to my studio, I immediately thought of something involving macrame. I didn’t have tons of white rope sitting around, so I grabbed some yarn from my weaving stash, and one hour later had a much more cheerful studio! The best thing about this project is how it adds a… (via A Beautiful Mess)

25 Wall Hanging


Wall Hanging: Learn how to macrame and create a beautiful wall hanging! (via Free People)

26 Hanging Macramé Chair


Hanging Macramé Chair: This chair was not my easiest DIY. Only because there was no tutorial anywhere to follow which means there was A LOT of trial and error which is always hard. I did this chair after Mallory and I were selected to compete in the Creating with the Stars 2014contest. (via Classy Clutter)

27 Macrame Bracelet


Macrame Bracelet: Growing up by the beach in Southern California, the ability to knot a macrame bracelet was practically a right of passage. Although those days are long behind us, we’ve never forgotten the ever-so-simple square knot technique. This time, however, we’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more (via HonestlyWTF)

28 Macrame Hammock


Macrame Hammock: Sometimes, relaxing on the porch requires a comfortable and stylish hammock. With a few tools and some basic math skills, you’ll have a beautiful chair that shows off your do-it-yourself skills. This hammock is made using the macrame technique, which requires knotting together cords. Macrame is a centuries-old method used to make furniture,… (via eHow)

29 Macrame Hanging


Macrame Hanging: We are excited to share this DIY for a macrame hanging from Michelle Edgemont! If you loved our Colorful Parker Palm Springs Wedding with macrame details earlier here’s your chance to make some fun macrame details for your own wedding or just a fun piece to hang on your walls! This hanging makes a [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

30 Macramé Racerback from T-shirts


Macramé Racerback from T-shirts (via Trash To Couture)

31 Pendant Light


Pendant Light: Pendant Light Project Current project with lighting specialist Light, Lights, Lights in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne Victoria Brief was to develop (via Warp and Weft)

32 Macrame Heart


Macrame Heart (via Trash To Couture)

33 Parachute Cord Macrame Necklace


Parachute Cord Macrame Necklace: “I love jewelry but I simply don’t have the patience to make anything”. Heard this before? I hear it ALL the time. Yes, it’s true that making jewelry can som (via Alonso Sobrino)

34 Greek Evil Eye Bracelet


Greek Evil Eye Bracelet: Learn to make your own colorful bracelets of threads or yarn. As fun for beginners as it is to intermediates. Learn. Get inspiration. Share ideas. (via

35 Sweet Elephant Brooch


Sweet Elephant Brooch: Safety pin brooch Tutorial for Friendship Bracelets added by Adik. (via

36 Macrame Purse


Macrame Purse (via This Year’s Dozen)

37 Macramé Yoga Mat Strap


Macramé Yoga Mat Strap: Learn how to make a macrame DIY Yoga Mat Strap! (via Free People)

38 Macrame Strap Bag


Macrame Strap Bag (via Always Rooney)

39 Neon Macrame Jars


Neon Macrame Jars: project and photos contributed by Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co. I, Kathleen, have a confession to make: I am a glass jar hoarder. Once I empty a jar, I cant help but add it to my stash. Not only that but Ive been known to buy food simply because I want the empty jar afterwards. If (via Sugar and Cloth)

40 Macrame Braided Slippers with Rhinestones


Macrame Braided Slippers with Rhinestones (via Minted Strawberry)

41 Macrame Bottle Vase


Macrame Bottle Vase: Disclosure: This DIY was made in collaboration with Space Station. Feeling knotty? Macrame is such a quick way to wrap and hang pretty much anything you can think of. (Seriously. People have done … (via Crafting Fingers)

42 Macrame Balloons


Macrame Balloons: You know it’s going to be a good day when Sharon visits YAMF. These macrame balloons would look amazing in a huge bundle don’t you think? Do you wish you had a local bar named the Regal Beagle that… (via You Are My Fave)

43 Friendship Bracelet Watch


Friendship Bracelet Watch: This friendship bracelet watch takes on trend friendship braiding and turns it on its head, by adding a watch face! Check out the full tutorial… (via Dream a Little Bigger)

44 Macramé Fringe Top


Macramé Fringe Top (via Trash To Couture)

45 Roped Macrame Necklace


Roped Macrame Necklace: If you havent yet heard of Knots & Knits, then you’re in for a real treat. Megan Todd is the talented designer behind this unique label for which she designs and hand makes the most epic clutches, bags and necklaces painstakingly knitted out of rope using knitting needles as big as tent poles… (via A Pair and A Spare)

46 Wrapped Stone


Wrapped Stone (via Papoulas Douradas)

47 ZigZag Macrame Bracelet


ZigZag Macrame Bracelet: This is a tutorial how to make an easy ZigZag Macrame bracelet. You can use it as a friendship bracelet. Before you start you should know the basic macrame knots. There are 2 types of knots, the double half hitch and the reverse double half hitch. These knots are very easy to make. Don’t worry and let’s go make these Zigzagging waves  Video: . (via WonderHowTo)

48 Macramé Tank Top


Macramé Tank Top: For a while the macrame trend was almost non-existent. But now it is emerging more than ever since being spotted on the runway in 2011 in Chanel, Gucci, and Rob (via Closet Freak)

49 Macrame Rings


Macrame Rings: So, I like making rings. I like it a lot to be honest. But, there is one problem with rings: when they don’t have the exact right size, they are not v… (via Instructables)

50 Macramé Fishbone Bracelet with Beads

Macramé Fishbone Bracelet with Beads (via Macrame School)

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