Amazing Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Good things come in small packages and this selection of Mason Jar gifts has everything from crafting kits to a spa in a jar so you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration for everyone and any event.

Make sure you have a constant supply of Mason Jars, like these sold on Amazon, so you can make a gift whenever you need to.

Spa In A Jar

Everyone loves a trip to the spa, but regardless of how tight your budget is you can give anyone the gift of a soothing, relaxing and amazing spa in the comfort of their own home!

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

This handy little gift is a fun item that all craft lovers will appreciate. Add everything you’d normally find in a sewing kit into a small jar for a fun and quirky present!

DIY Candle

Candles are a popular gift and with this simple tutorial you’ll be able to make as many as you need. Why not add a scent or change the color so you can add that little something extra!

Cowgirl Cookies

These scrumptious cookies are a brilliant treat for everyone with a sweet tooth. All you need to do is prepare all the dry ingredients, pop them in a jar and add the instructions then voila…you have a mouthwatering gift!

Peppermint Bath Salts

Nothing beats a long soak in the tub after a hard day and these fun bath salts will give your bath that little extra you need to ease all the aches, pains and strain of the day!

Upcycled Glass Chandelier

This stunning creation is significantly easier than you’d think. Made with completely recycled materials you’ll be able to take your old jars and transform them into an amazing candle chandelier!

Peppermint Stick Cocoa

This easy to make gift is the perfect winter warming treat for everyone. Made with just a few ingredients you can throw one of these together in just a few moments!

Tantalizing Bath Bombs

It doesn’t get much more simple than this amazing craft! With this easily adaptable recipe you can create a relaxing bomb to help soothe you or something to help you wake up in the mornings…the world’s your oyster!

Mason Jar Baking Kit

All foodies will love this baking kit packed full of all the essentials necessary for making delicious treats that will stop any rumbly tummies!

Tiny Terrarium

These beautiful micro gardens are a fun way to add a little greenery/color to someones life without giving them the traditional bunch of flowers or plant in a pot!

Natural Homemade Potpourri

Made with entirely natural ingredients you can adapt this DIY to have the desired scent. Make extra so you can enjoy a delightful scented home too!

52 Things A Year In A Jar

This original gift idea can be personalized for whoever you want to give it to. You can write 52 reasons why you love them, 52 fun activities to try, recipes or anything at all. Then the person who receives the gift can take one out every week of the year!

Crafting Kit Jar

This simple jar is packed full of fun materials that any crafter would be more than happy to have! This mini kit will allow them plenty of options to go crazy crafting!

Cupcake In A Jar

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? This scrumptious recipe will be enjoyed by everyone and can be made to fit into different sized jars… so why not give the person you love most the largest cake!

Apron In A Jar

Whether you’re sewing the apron yourself or you’ve bought the perfect one this is a wonderful way to present it in the manner that any foodie will love!

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