Amazing New Year’s Eve Champagne Cocktail Recipes

Need some food to go with all that booze? Make some of these New Year’s Eve party foods.

1. Pink lemontini cocktail

Crazy for Crust

2. Berry basil champagne sprtizers

 Lemon Tree Dwelling

3. Pama French champagne cocktail

Heather’s French Press

4. New Year’s Eve countdown champagne cocktail

Noble Pig

5. Sparkling pomegranate cocktail

 Recipe Girl

6. Champagne punch bellini

Crazy for Crust

7. Black raspberry champagne bellini

 Life, Love, and Sugar.

8. Amaretto orange bellini

Wine & Glue

9. Champagne margaritas

The Kitchen is My Playground!

10. Tropical champagne cocktails

Shugary Sweets

11. Bubbly strawberry mojitos

 Garnish With Lemon

12. Bubbly champagne punch

Foodie Crush

13. Fizzy ginger cocktail with pickled watermelon rind

 Serious Eats

14. Pink platinum champagne cocktail

Creative Culinary

15. Gold shimmery champagne cocktail

The Flavour Bender

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