Amazing Polka Dot Themed Crafts

If you love Polka Dots as much as we do, then no doubt you’d love to DIY stuff that portray this lovely pattern. Come join us as we list the most fun and creative DIY polka dots crafts over the internet!

1. Coneftti letters

 Homemade Ginger

2. Polka dot party garland

 Glorious Treats!

3. DIY polka dotted wrapping paper


4. Polka dotted planter pot

 The Happy Scraps

5. DIY polka dot sneakers

Yesterday on Tuesday

6. Polka dot chair makeover

 Rain on A Tin Roof

7. Gold polka dot desk vase

Mod Podge Rocks.

8. Painted polka dot piggy bank

The Crafty Blog Stalker.

9. DIY polka dot plates

A Kailo Chic Life

10. Sponge painted polka dot wall

 Oh Oh Deco

11. Watercolour polka dot art

Lines Across

12. DIY polka dot napkins


13. Polka dot tights

 This Heart of Mine!

14. DIY polka dot rug

A Beautiful Mess

15. DIY polka dot storage bin

A Little Craft in Your Day

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