Amazing Quilling Designs

The thing is that creative paper quilling designs and artworks can only work well if you explore paper quilling tutorials to learn how to create some paper magic.

1. Floral Mother’s Day card

Satya Sree Creations

2. Quilled wedding invitation embellishment

All Things Paper.

3. Quilled owl pendant

Honey’s Quilling.

4. 3D quilled TV trinket

Little Circles.

5. Quilled quote wall art


6. Framed quilled art

Quilling by Larisa

7. Quilled sunflower necklace

Little Circles.

8. Floral quilled valentine

Creative Paper

9. 3D quilled floral card

Life Chilli

10. Retro circle quilled candle holders

Little Circles!

11. 3D quilled gift box

Quilling Paper Designs!

12. Quilled paper vase

iCreative Ideas‘s

13. Quilled snowflake ornaments


14. Quilled fish art

Quilling Ideas

15. Quilled chicks

Easy Arts and Crafts ideas

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