Amazing Recipes Made With Green Tomatoes

These recipes include a few versions of Southern fried green tomatoes along with some fabulous fritters, green tomato rice, soup, relishes, and a moist and delicious cake.

1. Spiced green tomato bundt cake

My Diverse Kitchen

2. Green tomato galette

Corner Cottage Bakery

3. Smoky lentil tacos with kabocha squash and green tomato salsa

Princess Tofu

4. Oven fried green tomato caprese

Diane, A Broad.

5. Savoury green tomato cobbler

Drum Beets

6. Green tomato chilli

The Novice Gardener

7. Green tomato tartines

 A Couple Cooks

8. Braised short ribs with pickled green tomatoes

 Eats Well with Others

9. Grilled green tomato tostadas with black beans, avocado, and cilantro

Food 52

10. Green tomato and leek frittata

Cooking Books

11. Grilled chicken taco with green tomato salsa

Ichigo Shortcake.

12. Italian green tomato pasta sauce

Genius Kitchen.

13. Green tomato Southwestern panzanella salad with cilantro lime dressing

She Likes Food.

14. Fried green tomato Benedict with pimento cheese hollandaise

F for Food

15. Blackened shrimp and fried green tomato salad

Closet Cooking!

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