Amazing Ribbon Embroidery Designs

Flowers are a very common design to work with silk ribbon embroidery, most likely because the ribbon allows you to stitch very lifelike florals. Often a single stitch with ribbon will look like a flower bud, and the addition of one or two more stitches gives you a bud with some greenery that reminds you of the real deal.

Creating full, exquisite displays of ribbon embroidery takes some practice, but it’s also possible to start very simply, and just have fun with it.

1. Embroidery hoop and ribbon florals

My Crafts.

2. Spiralled ribbon rosettes

Leisha’s Galaxy

3. Pretty ribbon chandelier

 This Girl’s Life. 

4. Silk ribbon embroidery with pearl bead detailing


5. Silk and ribbon embroidered pillow cover

Euphoria Craftwork

6. Ribbon embroidered flowers with chiffon petals

Elvin Kurdela.

7. Looped layered ribbon roses

Arts and Crafts Club

8. Silk ribbon hydrangeas


9. Ruffled roses with twisted ribbon stems

Needle Work

10. Ribbon embroidered and hand pearled pin cushion

Lorna Bateman Embroidery.

11. Plush backed and painted ribbon embroidery with a frame

Crafty Attic

12. Ribbon embroidered handkerchiefs

Elvin Kurdela.

13. Ribbon embroidered Valentines

Too Crewel

14. Glass covered ribbon embroidery tea tray

Elvin Kurdela

15. Ribbon embroidery on felt

Fairy Fox

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