Amazing Sewing Projects Made From Fleece

Many easy projects can be done using fleece, and I’ll share quite a few lovely ideas with you below. This particular fabric is a breeze to work with, and there is a variety of sew and no-sew projects you can tackle.

1. DIY draped fleece cardigan

Scattered Thoughts of A Crafty Mom

2. DIY pom pom trimmed fleece blanket

 Pinned and Repinned

3. Adult fleece mermaid tail blanket

Sew Much Ado

4. DIY fleece scraps rug

Little Grey Fox

5. No-sew, knotted patchwork blanket

Powerful Mothering

6. 5-minute fleece hat

One Good Thing.

7. Cozy fleece hand warmer muff


8. DIY no-sew fleece octopus

While She Naps

9. Handmade fleece slippers

You Made My Day!

10. Cat shaped fleece heating pads


11. DIY no-sew fleece poncho and waist tie

Cut Out and Keep

12. DIY fleece binding for neat edges

You Make It Simple

13. Fleece flower petal pillows

Come Together Kids

14. Easy fleece mittens

DIY Crush

15. Plush fleece kittens

PA Country Crafts

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