Amazing Taffy Recipes

A tasty compilation of Amazing Taffy Recipes. Take a look!

1. Classic homemade saltwater taffy

Pickup Some Creativity

2. Homemade honey taffy

 Bug & Bird Tutorial Adventures

3. Homemade butter taffy

Eggrolls and Sauce!

4. Starburst flavoured taffy

The Diet Free Zone

5. Old fashioned molasses taffy

 Domestic Doin’s

6. Salted caramel taffy squares

King Arthur Flour

7. Sponge toffee candy bar

 The Diet Free Zone

8. Taffy apple grapes

Just a Pinch

9. Homemade taffy covered caramel apples

One Green Planet

10. Scotch-mallows

My Recipe Magic

11. Sticky vanilla pulled sugar taffy

 Kitchen Tested.

12. Refreshing orange taffy

Cupcakes and Cashmere

13. Fun sprinkle taffy

Farm Girl Inspirations!

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