Amazing Things You Can Make Using 5 Items or Less

When you’re searching for new craft ideas online, it can be frustrating to constantly find great, easy looking projects that are advertised as using “only materials you can find around your house,” or similar lies.

Sometimes you just need a simple, easy craft to do with the kids on a rainy afternoon or a quick craft to make a lovely gift for a friend (whose birthday you may have forgotten).

We’ve waded through the wealth of DIY projects and crafts floating around the internet and selected a few of our favorite easy crafts that use 5 or less materials.

And no worries! All of these materials are easy to find at a craft store, grocery store, in your backyard, or maybe, just maybe, in your pantry.

Bird Feeder – This is a classic project that most of us did as kids. It’s a perfect fall craft for kids, and making one and hanging it outside will lead into a fun birdwatching activity!

DIY Cork Sailboat In A Jar – A cute project for kids using only four materials. This is the minimum, of course, and you can add more if you feel a little more ambitious. Make these and have sailboat races at a small creek, or just keep them in a jar.

Two-Liter Vase – A simple two material project using only sharp scissors and an empty, clean plastic bottle. You won’t break this vase if you drop it!

Paper Dahlia Wreath – This pretty wreath is made out of just four simple materials, and looks fantastic as wall art or on your door. Use different colors to capture the festivity of each season.

Star Banner – Using a collection of free paint swatches, a star-shaped paper cutter, and some twine, and you’ll have a lovely banner of stars to hang up in your kid’s room or during a party!

Balloon Bracelets – This is a fun project for kids using balloons (deflated or new), elastic, and tape. The perfect way to upcycle balloons after a birthday party!

No-Sew Fleece Blanket – One of the easiest projects for you or your kids, and one of the most functional. Pick out your favorite fleece, one patterned, one solid, and tie the ends together to form a thick, soft blanket.

Fruit Balloons – Create a summery balloon garland of grapes, pineapples, pears, apples,and many more. Pretty, creative, and unforgettable for your guests!

Shoebox Guitar – A simple instrument for the kids to play with, made with four easy materials. Your kids are gonna love it!

DIY Two-Toned Braided Infinity Scarf – This adorable fashion statement can be created with four or less materials. Get the look with this easy DIY and stop paying 20 dollars for a similar scarf at stores.

Ice Cube Painting – This is an awesome idea for younger kids using ice cubes, food coloring, and paper. Have your little ones create a masterpiece!

Recycled Crayon Art – This is a simple melted crayon craft that you can transform into ornaments or other decorations. The perfect way to reuse broken crayons or crayon nubs.

Paper Bag Tiara – A simple fairytale tiara made from paper bags, artificial flowers, and a few other small materials.

Snow Jars – These fun “snow” covered mason jars are perfect for decorating during the winter. The leftover “snow” can be used for sensory play.

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