Amazing Things You Can Do with a Glue Gun

1. Glue Gun Snowflakes. These Glue Gun Snowflakes will brighten any holiday table. (Tutorial at Muslin and Merlot)


2. Elsa Frozen Crown


Make this sparkly, icy crown with a glue gun and glitter. I bet your daughter would love it! (Tutorial at Tikkido)

3. Coral Decor


These coral fans are made from wire, hot glue, and acrylic paint. True works of art! (Tutorial at Ohoh blog)

4. Make A Textured Roller With Glue Gun


This is a fantastic and inexpensive method of making many types of textured rollers. (Tutorial at Pottery blog)

5. Hot Glue Glitter Leaves


Make autumn leaves using nothing more than hot glue, glitter and foil. (Tutorial at Our Peaceful Planet)

6. Hot Glue Earrings


Add a new piece of jewelry to your collection. (Tutorial at Four Front Doors)

7. Elegant Gold Hot Glue Necklace


Add a touch of glamour to your outfit with this stunning gold necklace. (Tutorial at Guidecentral)

8. Decorate a Vase with Hot Glue


Draw patterns with a glue gun and make your vases more beautiful. (Tutorial at Home Heart Craft)

9. Make a Decorative Sign


Write a word on a piece of wood using hot glue and make a cute little decorative sign for your home. (Tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks)

10. Votive Candles with Hot Glue


These votive holders are perfect for the holidays, and they make great gifts, too! (Tutorial at Curbly)

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