Amazing Ways to Repurpose Wooden Crates

1. Children’s toy box. At Home in Love suggests attaching four wheels and creating a cushioned top for the crate and turning it into a toy box! Lift the lid and put the toys inside, then push it out of the way or use it as a seat to read a book.


2. Crate desk


Are your crates very large? Try stacking two on each side for desk legs and then laying a steady board across the top for a table top! Make sure that the openings of the crates face outwards so you can use them as shelves for books or office supplies. Check out the full instructions on Desire to Inpsire.

3. Pillow and blanket storage


Does your home get a little colder than you always expect in the evening, but you don’t want to leave pillows and blankets thrown haphazardly across the couch all the time? Use one of your old wooden crates as blanket storage beside the couch instead! We love how this idea from Home Depot adds a slight rustic touch to the room.

4. Hanging wall shelf


Brit + Co. suggests painting the top edge of the crate a bright colour, turning it on its side, and hanging it from some rope and a strong hook to make a wall leaning decor shelf! Place a small house plant, some books, or some figurines there.

5. Stacked night stand


Have you been looking for a small beside table that suits your rustic decor but doesn’t cost you a lot of money for something that looks intentionally weathers? Well, crates give you the opportunity to just make yourself a table that’s actually weathered for real! Check out how this cute nightstand was made on Jacquelyn Clarke.

6. Square coffee table


If your crates are large, grab four of them and create this visually fantastic coffee table full of useful storage cubbies! Turn the crates on their side and line them up so the end of each one rests against the back of another. Upcycle That walks you through the process of positioning and attaching them.

7. Stacked crate book shelf


The more crates you have access to, the better! This stacked crate shelving design is pretty much only limited but how much space is available in the room you’d like to build the shelf for. We love the idea for storing books or towels in a rustic or shabby chic space. Check out how the shelves are attached firmly on Mom Prepares.

8. Mud room organizers


Have you been looking for a way to clean up and declutter your “mud room” or back entry way so that it’s a little less full of shoes and coats? Those old crates will save the day here too! We love the way A Beautiful Mess organized these crates to give some extra storage for things like boots and gardening tools.

9. Rustic planter


What could possibly look cuter on your porch holding your latest mini crop or your favourite flowers than a rustically weathered crate-turned-planter? We think this is the perfect use for crates that are just slightly too worn or old to support heavy things like you might put on a crate shelf or desk. Check out how nice this crate planter from Apartment Therapy looks!

10. Cushion topped bench


Did you like the idea of putting a cushion top on the crate toy box suggestion, but you don’t have kids who need to store their toys? Make a cushion topped crate bench instead! This works especially well if the crate you have to repurpose is very large. We love how this bench design from Pinterest looks in this front hallway. Sit there to take your shoes on and off!

11. Dessert showcase


Have you found two smaller creates right before you’re about to host a party or throw your own wedding reception? Well, put those little crates to work! Flip them on their sides and use them to display cupcakes or cake pops on the dessert table or little appetizers at the buffet! We love how Style Me Pretty used these ones.

12. Crate kitchen island


Bob Vila suggests using three big crates and a steady, flat piece of wood to create a reclaimed, shabby chic kitchen island in a big kitchen. Sure, this particular picture shows the island out on the porch, which you might also find useful, but imagine how great the extra “counter” space will be when you’re cooking dinner inside!

13. Bicycle basket


If you happen to have found the kind of wooden crate that doesn’t have strips or holes in the sides, then you’re in extra luck! These crates make for great travel baskets on the back of your bicycle and nothing will fall out the spaces between the slats like they would with other styles of wooden crate! Check out how Fieldguided attached this one firmly and safely to the back of the bike!

14. Crate mini bar


Apartment Therapy has the perfect solution for very little apartments that don’t have space for a real bar area: a miniature mini bar made from a wooden crate! Find a corner on a counter or an unused side table where the crate will fit on its side and keep all of your bottles and drink service supplies organized there.

15. Wedding favour display


Have you arranged wedding favours for your guests that are very “grab and go” goodie bag style? This is another perfect way to use old crates, especially ones that look stylishly weathered! Set the crates on a side table on top of a vintage table cloth and fill them with goodie bags that guests can grab on their way out. Check out how well these crates arranged by Dandelion and Grey contribute to the rustic feel of the wedding’s aesthetic!

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