Amazing Ways to Upcycle Damaged Books

The point of upcycling is to take something unusable and make it usable again, so a perfectly readable book that’s still relevant might be better off somewhere besides the crafting table.

1. Children’s book illustrated page bunting

Laura Raniecki

2. Book page covered photo frame

Honeybee Books

3. Stacked books table lamp


4. Book page wrapped gift boxes

Jo Retro

5. Old book upcycled into a clock

House of Hawthornes

6. Book page, resin, and wire brooches

Art Unraveled

7. Rolled book page wreath

The Frugal Homemaker

8. Upcycled book to succulent planter


9. Folded book page gift pouches

Craft and Creativity

10. Black ink framed book page art

 Ruffles and Stuff

11. Book page bunny with a pom pom tail

Homemade Modern Art

12. Book page origami rose bouquet

100 Layer Cake

13. Hidden book craft storage


14. Decorative rolled paper monograms

Little Things Bright Smile

15. Old book and jewelry wall display


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