Amazing Wood Shim DIY Tutorials

A nice collection of Awesome Wood Shim DIY Tutorials and Project Ideas.

1 Wood Shim and Mirror Artwork

Wood Shim and Mirror Artwork (via Not Just a Housewife)

2 Shim Heart Sign


Shim Heart Sign (via DIY beautify)

3 Shim Tags


Shim Tags (via homeroad)

4 Shim Covered Walls


Shim Covered Walls (via Apartment Therapy)

5 Recycled Mixed Media Butterfly Art Using Wood Shims


Recycled Mixed Media Butterfly Art Using Wood Shims (via Lucy Designs)

6 Chic Wood Shim Headboard


Chic Wood Shim Headboard: Create a unique headboard using an unexpected material: wood shims. This step-by-step shows you how. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

7 Wood Shim Bookcase


Wood Shim Bookcase: This wood shim bookcase is a great project to add interest and beauty to any space. (via Thistlewood Farms)

8 Shims Mirror Project


Shims Mirror Project (via House of Hepworths)

9 Wood Shim Wreath


Wood Shim Wreath: Autumn. *happy sigh* Its the time of year when I really enjoy adding personal, homey touches to our abode. I troll Pinterest for inspiration and indulge myself in scenes of Autumnal, cozy perfection. *another happy sigh* And then, ya’ll, I look around at my real, everyday life. The Incredible Never-Shrinking Laundry Pile, two active boys, (via Anna K. Originals)

10 Wood Shim Dresser


Wood Shim Dresser: Have an old dresser that needs new life? Check out our Upcycled Wood Shim Dresser might just do the trick! (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

11 Wood Shims Flowers


Wood Shims Flowers: Take a package of wood shims and create some wood flowers. These Wood Shim Flowers really make a statement and are SO inexpensive to make! (via Tatertots and Jello)

12 Rustic Tabletop Tray


Rustic Tabletop Tray: Make your own rustic tabletop tray with this step-by-step DIY! (via She Knows)

13 Wooden Arrows


Wooden Arrows: How to make DIY Wooden Arrows from wooden shims. An easy and quick project for a Valentine’s craft or everyday decor. Step by step instructions. (via Pretty Handy Girl)

14 Wood Shim Shoe Cabinet


Wood Shim Shoe Cabinet: Check it out, friends! I picked up this bad boy at Goodwill for only $15! Its actually a shoe cabinet the drawers fold out! This is NOT a quality piece. Notice the paper laminate peeling from the corner of the before pic? This was a practical purchase for my family to HIDE THE SHOES! (via Because I Like To Decorate)

15 Wall Art from Wood Shims


Wall Art from Wood Shims: Hey friends! I hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day weekend! I had a great time with my fam, and also managed to throw a little something together for my living room! Here is my DIY Wall Art I made from wood shims! How fun is that?? This is really simple! I started with {…Read More…} (via Shanty 2 Chic)

16 Letters


Letters (via Mamie Jane’s)

17 Patriotic Wood Shim Flag


Patriotic Wood Shim Flag: Wood shims are used to recreate the look of pallet wood American flags. (via Craftiments)

18 Rustic Wood Shim Vase


Rustic Wood Shim Vase: Learn how to make this Rustic Wood Shim Vase with cheap shims you find at the hardware store! Use my technique to weather your wood for a beautiful finish! (via Cherished Bliss)

19 Wooden Shim Arrow Wall Art


Wooden Shim Arrow Wall Art: This easy to make wooden shim wall art with be a favorite piece on your gallery wall and it’s so easy to make! (via Yellow Bliss Road)

20 Monogram Moss Shim Sign


Monogram Moss Shim Sign: I started with a Valentine’s Day Pallet, I just finished an Easter Pallet and now I have for you a little Moss Monogram Pallet Sign for your front door (or anywhere!). (via Design, Dining and Diapers)

21 Wood Shim Table Runner


Wood Shim Table Runner: Hey hey! I am SO pleased with how my latest project turned out! My dining table has looked naked since Christmas, and I have been on the hunt for the perfect table runner. It only took me a couple of months to come up with something, but I would say it was worth the wait. {…Read More…} (via Shanty 2 Chic)

22 Wood Shim Window Box Planter


Wood Shim Window Box Planter: Greetings all and happy weekend! Ill be spending the next three days at our Alma Project house sprucing up a few rooms, its a lot of work bu… (via Centsational Girl)

23 Wood Shim Light Cover


Wood Shim Light Cover: I have a tiny half bathroom that screamed 90s think: (Hollywood lights, crystal handle faucet, oak cabinets. It needed a major update, but it wasn’t in the budg (via Hoemetalk)

24 Shim Tree


Shim Tree: Turn wooden shims into a stylish Christmas or winter decoration. They’re so inexpensive and easy to make in a variety of sizes, you can assemble an entire forest. (via Lowe’s)

25 Wood Shim Candlesticks


Wood Shim Candlesticks (via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

26 Wood Shim Crate


Wood Shim Crate: Upcycle a cardboard box with wood shims, hot glue, and paint to make a lovely storage crate. (via Craftiments)

27 Shims Wall Art


Shims Wall Art: The Valley by Scott Oliver sums up the kind of art that can be created when you take a look at trash and see it not as something to send to a landfill, but something to transform into a new, beautiful item. While you’re looking at an old chair, you’re als (via TreeHugger)

28 Wood Shim Tree


Wood Shim Tree: Disclosure: This post is in partnership with True Value. Its finally time to bring out the Christmas decor! While we don’t get our real Christmas Tree until after Thanksgiving, Ill be slowly starting to decorate this week. I love this time of year.I honestly believe the house is filled with so much joy and magic when (via Design, Dining and Diapers)

29 Wood Shim Flag


Wood Shim Flag: A fresh take on a flag craft! Full tutorial to make your very own wood shim flag! It’s easy, inexpensive and fun! (via Designer Trapped)

30 Shim Wreath


  Shim Wreath (via Tattered and Inked)

31 Wall Art Piece with Wooden Shims


Wall Art Piece with Wooden Shims: I have a fond love of decorating with do-it-yourself wall art. Filling bare walls can become pretty expensive with custom art pieces and that is only when you can actually find something that truly fits your style and personality. You get exactly what you looking for when you create your own pieces and it is (via By Stephanie Lynn)

32 Wooden Shim Decorative Mirror


Wooden Shim Decorative Mirror: See how one blogger turned wooden shims into elegant wall decor. (via Woman’s Day)

33 Wood Shim Drum Shade


 Wood Shim Drum Shade: Give boring recessed lighting in your home an upgrade with a beautiful DIY wood shim drum shade (via Home Coming)

34 Wood Shim Instragram Frame


Wood Shim Instragram Frame (via Our Fifth House)

35 Modern and Minimalist Herb Markers


Modern and Minimalist Herb Markers: I have lost count how many times I have brought potted herbs into our home only to have them shrivel up and die shortly thereafter. I have set them in filtered light, full sunlight, over-watered a… (via Amy Krist)

36 Wood Shim Birdhouse


Wood Shim Birdhouse: Create this surprisingly simple and affordable birdhouse using wood shims and paint. (via Lowe’s)

37 Wood Shim Star Bunting


Wood Shim Star Bunting: Turn wood shims and leftover wood boards into a beachy Patriotic Project. (via Tatertots and Jello)

38 Creative Wood Shim Mirror


Creative Wood Shim Mirror: It’s reveal day for my Spring Pinterest Challenge! This was my first time doing a challenge during the actual challenge time. Even though I’m late to do my reveal. Next challenge I promise I’ll be better! The Pinterest Challenge was the creation of Katie Bower from Bower Power and every season Katie and Sherry (from (via Creative Life Antics)

39 Wooden Shim Sign


Wooden Shim Sign (via Happy Looks Good on You)

40 Wooden Mosaic Wall Art


Wooden Mosaic Wall Art: Hiya! It’s Mandi here, from Making Nice in the Midwest. Sometimes window shopping can be frustrating. But other times, window shopping can cause great DIY ideas to spring to mind! Recently I was drooling over kitchen backsplashes that I had no business even glancing at. Totally out of my price range! But when I found these wood mosaic tiles, my pointer finger rose swiftly upward as I shouted, “Aha! I… (via A Beautiful Mess)

41 Dipped Wood Shim Starburst Mirror


Dipped Wood Shim Starburst Mirror: Today I’m introducing you to Chaney of May Richer Fuller Be, who will be sharing some DIY projects here each month! I’m so excited about this because, well, just look at all the awesome on this post. LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS, YA’LL. Also, I just updated the site so please excuse the wonky formatting today (via Kayla Aimee Writes)

42 Wood Shim Pennant


Wood Shim Pennant: Three years ago when we moved into this house we had to repair a bit of water damaged drywall in our basement, and because we knew nothing at all about home repair we bought a giant bundle of 4ft long wood shims (for about $10) to assist with this project. At the time I didn’t know (via Sandpaper and Glue)

43 Shim Chic Wall Decor


Shim Chic Wall Decor (via Sallygoodin)

44 Herringbone Shim Art


Herringbone Shim Art (via While They Snooze)

45 Wood Shim Pendant Light


Wood Shim Pendant Light (via may richer fuller be)

46 Wood Mirror Frame


Wood Mirror Frame (via Imperfectly Polished)

47 Wooden Shim Picture Frame


Wooden Shim Picture Frame: A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by DecoArt to see if I would be willing to contribute a project to their new catalog. I’m of course a fan {previous DecoArt projects} so I got to work and put together this Quick Change Wooden Shim Picture Frame. I have worked with wooden shims in (via By Stephanie Lynn)

48 Wood Shim Artwork


Wood Shim Artwork: Love this idea! Paint wood shims different colors and then glue them down to create an interesting piece of wood shim artwork! (via Mountain Modern Life)

49 Wood Shim Planter Box


Wood Shim Planter Box: I love using wood shims or paint stir sticks to create projects. You can get great strips of wood for cheap or free. Then they can be stained or painted to your liking. Today Carm (via Infarrantly Creative)

50 Wooden Shim Wall Art


Wooden Shim Wall Art (via East Coast Creative Blog)

51 Gilded Wood Shim Wall Art


Gilded Wood Shim Wall Art: DIY Gilded Wood Shim Wall Art! Learn how easy it is to get your design on by creating your own gilded art using wood shims. UpcycledTreasures (via Mountain Modern Life)

52 Wood Shim Starburst Mirror


Wood Shim Starburst Mirror: I am absolutely thrilled with how my DIY stained wood shim mirror turned out. I know there are a zillion tutorials out there for making mirrors like this. However, I think I am the only crazy one (via Infarrantly Creative)

53 Wooden Shim Interchangeable Picture Frame


Wooden Shim Interchangeable Picture Frame: I have had some wooden shims left over from the custom natural wall art piece I did awhile ago and thought I would put them to good use. Even though shims are not top quality pieces of wood I love the grains, textures and variety of colors that you can find in each inexpensive pack. (via By Stephanie Lynn)

54 Wood Shim Stars and Bursts


Wood Shim Stars and Bursts: Something fun and different for the winter holidays; try making some shim stars and bursts… (via Family Chic)

55 Sunburst Mirror


Sunburst Mirror (via Lilikoi Joy)

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