Awesome Avocado Themed Crafts

We are currently absolutely obsessed with all things avocado at the moment, mainly avocado on toast – oh my – we thought we’d do a quick round up of our top 10 avocado related crafts!

1. Linking avocado friendship necklaces

Pudding Fish Cakes.

2. Miniature polymer clay avocados

Akameru Kawaii a try.

3. Crocheted avocado backpack

MermaidCat Designs.

4. Avocado cookies


5. How to dye fabric with avocado pits

Live Free Creative Co.

6. DIY avocado tree


7. 3D avocado bunny wall art


8. DIY avocado Easter eggs

Aww Sam

9.  Homemade avocado soap with Argan oil

How to Look Pretty

10. Avocado pinata

Studio DIY

11. Avocado blouse buttons

Studio DIY

12. Crocheted avocado couple

YARNutopia By Nadia

13. Happy avocado earrings

Gentleman Bunny

14. Crocheted avocado coin purse

The Gilly Pad

15. Avocado squishy


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