Awesome DIY Baby Shower Ideas

Check out these 15 DIY baby shower ideas that will take your adorably festive decor to the next level and really make the party match up with the exciting occasion.

1. Pretty raindrop tablescape

Have you always loved baby shower decor that really plays on the concept of the event being a “shower”? Well, as much as you don’t actually want rain showers to show up as a guest on your big day, an abstract play on rain drops can look darn cute! We love this pretty tablescape that involves boy and girl colours, depending on the gender of the baby. The Frosted Petticoat shows you how to make a hanging mobile display that involves little circle paper chains and fun ruffled paper flowers.

2. Baby onesie clothesline bunting

Do you already know the baby is going to be a little boy and you’d love to incorporate that into the decor in a unique way besides just making everything blue? Check out this cute clothesline idea instead! DIY Showoff hung adorable baby boy clothes all along a line and strung them up like a party bunting. We love the way they accompanied the display with a classic poem on chalkboard.

3. Baby footprint banner

Do you like the idea of a banner or party bunting at a baby shower but you don’t know the gender of the baby yet, so you’d rather keep things pretty neutral? Well, all babies have cute little feet, so run with that theme instead! BB Garlands shows you how to make fun little footprint shapes cut outs that you can string up pretty much anywhere!

4. DIY coffee filter pom poms

Big paper lanterns, flowers, and pom poms are always a hit at baby showers because the ruffles are just so cheerful and fun. Most tutorials will show you how to make them out of tissue paper but it sure takes a lot of paper to get a very thick, defined ruffle that looks satisfying from any angle. Instead, Muslin and Merlot suggests using coffee filters pinned into a styrofaom crafting sphere to give the whole thing a lot more structure.

5. Pretty pink raindrops and a balloon cloud

Did you love the idea of incorporating rain showers into the baby shower decor, but you already know the baby will be a girl and you’d prefer to have the colour pink show up in as many ways as possible? Then check out these adorable pink raindrops hanging from a cloud made of pretty white balloons! Polished Event Design shows you how to make this same cloud mobile.

6. Tissue paper flower with a diaper “vase”

When you saw the paper flowers idea we originally talked about, did you love what you saw and immediately want to make them from tissue paper, but you’re rather have them as centre pieces than hanging from the ceiling like a mobile? Then check out this neat diaper case idea by Chai Mommas! Let the parents-to-be keep all the centre pieces after since they’ll actually need to use those diapers.

7. Baby sock clothesline

Did you love the idea of a baby clothing onesie but you think it will look too cluttered in your space if you hang up a whole bunch of onesies? Then adjust the idea and stick to little garments instead. We absolutely love the way Interiorr Design decorate by hanging socks along a tiny clothesline using actual clothespins like you would to hang them in the backyard to dry on a warm day.

8. Pretty diaper bouquet

Did you love the idea of making a diaper and flower themed centre piece but you’d rather get a little more creative with the diapers than rolling them around the base of the piece? Then try turning them into actual flowers to be included right into the bouquet along with the rest of the paper blossoms you make! Frugal Fanatic shows you how to roll each flower and embellish the whole look with tulle.

9. Umbrella drops hanging decor

Are you still enamored with the idea of involving raindrops and sunny showers in your decor scheme somewhere, but the designs we’ve shown you so far just haven’t quite been what you’re looking for? Then let us present to you this super fun umbrella design! We love the way Fake Crab attached strings of pretty cut out rain drops so they hang from the umbrella like they’re running off its edges in the midst of a sun shower.

10. Polka dotted cutouts bunting

Perhaps you very much enjoyed the baby onesie bunting idea but you’re not the one having the baby, you don’t have babies yourself right now, and it’s not in your budget to go buy a bunch of baby clothing just for decor, no matter how much you love your friend or family member? Then try something like a decorative paper cut out bunting instead, just like Bubbly New York did here!

11. Rustic and burlap baby tablescape

Are you throwing a very large shower that you want to establish an actual aesthetic for an really maintain a strong, lovely theme throughout? Koyal Wholesale shows you how they established a strong rustic chic theme that still managed to be completely adorable! We’ve never seen burlap look so sweet.

12. Streamer and balloon rainbow

Are you looking for something really simple that will just add a fun element of colour and texture to the whole event without costing you an arm and a leg? Well, here’s a little bit of bright, fun streamer and balloon decor for your consideration! My Wise Mom guides you through the process of making a simple but adorable backdrop for your tablescape.

13. Pretty dresses hanging banner

Did you love the hanging onesie banner idea but you know the baby will be a girl and you’d like to make things as frilly and girly as possible? Then adjust the idea ever so slightly by adding all the frills, lace, and ribbons you like! Hubpages shows you how to make a clothesline party bunting from pretty little girls’ dresses instead of onesies or socks.

14. Fanned diaper wreath

Crafting decor from diapers is a common theme at baby showers and we’ve talked about a few designs on our list that use them, but this one makes the purpose of the party known to visitors right away, the moment they walk up to your front door. We’re quite pleased with how pretty this diaper door wreath design by Imperfect Homemaking looks, considering they’re a pretty unconventional tool for decorating your home with!

15. Rolled diaper Minnie Mouse

We fully admit that we think we’ve saved the best for last on this list, because we’re completely obsessed with this adorable Minnie Mouse shaped display! This idea, featured on Pinterest, also makes a fantastic gift for new parents because it’s super fun and novelty but also a total score on much needed baby supplies.

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