Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts

Crochet Gloves. A pair of handmade gloves is a sweet and warm birthday present for people whose birthdays are in winter. source



Candy Bar Tree. Candy bar tree is a very cool way to give candy bars to your loved ones as birthday gifts. This tree is not only beautiful but also delicious. source


DIY Flower Vases. These gorgeous vases are great birthday presents for everyone. This is an inexpensive and creative gift idea. source


DIY Floppy Disk Planters. It is very environment-friendly to make floppy disk planters out of old floppy disks. And these handmade planters make a wonderful birthday present for a flower lover. source


DIY Pantone Chip Magnets. Making these pantone chip magnets is super easy and simple. It is a nice birthday present choice to give someone these cute little magnets. source


Sharpie Mugs.This is a quite simple and creative gift idea. You can make a fabulous and unique birthday present like this by drawing on plain and boring mugs with imagination. source


Sock Monkey. These homemade sock monkeys are adorable enough to make an excellent birthday present for children. Sewing a sock money needs lots of patience and skills. source


Neck Pillow. Super cute neck pillow like this is an excellent present for travelers. Neck pillow can make travelers more comfortable when they sleep on the airplane or train. source


Money Origami Flower Bouquet. Making a money flower bouquet is a fantastic birthday gift idea when you run out of time. source


Stud Earring Holder. This DIY jewelry box is an amazing birthday present for people who have lots of stud earrings to make their earrings organized. source


Paint-Splattered Umbrella. This gorgeous neon umbrella makes a fabulous and original birthday present. You can create other unique patterns on the umbrella with your umlimited imagination. source


Paper Doll Kit. A homemade paper doll kit is an extremely awesome birthday gift for kids. This gift can boost children’s creativity and fun. source


Button Bookmarks. You just need some fancy buttons and paperclips to make these beautiful little items. These cute button bookmarks are a cheap and meaningful gift for classmates. source


Kindle Case. It is quite simple to make a kindle case by hand. Moreover, a beautiful homemade case is a wonderful birthday gift for people who like reading electronic books. source


Ceramic Coasters. A set of customized coasters is an awesome present for artsy people. This handmade gift is both practical and decorative. source


Luggage Tag. Luggage tags are very practical and thoughtful presents for travelers because unique and distinctive luggage tags can help them find their baggage easily and quickly. The different little item can save them lots of time. source


Heart Photo Collage. This heart photo collage is a great and novel gift idea for your friend’s birthday. It’s a cute way to put your pictures on display. source


Keyboard Message. Making this keyboard gift is super easy and quick. It is a great birthday gift idea for friends or family. source


Seashell Monogram. It is a cool birthday gift idea to give someone a seashell monogram that stands for his or her initial. source


Pet Dishes. If someone has a new pet like a dog or a cat, then it is a good birthday gift idea to give him or her a set of beautiful pet dishes. source


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser. This mason jar soap dispenser is a economic and easy present. It is very practical and useful. source


Homemade Cake. Delicious homemade cakes are perfect birthday presents for foodies. Giving your foodie friend special homemade cakes is an awesome gift idea. source


Heart Blanket. This is a very simple and easy DIY gift. It is feasible for everybody to make this pretty heart blanket. source


Phone Bookends. A pair of phone bookends is a novel and wonderful birthday gift. You need two old phones to make this unique present. source


Personalized Journal. Adding some personal touch to plain journal makes a perfect birthday gift for people who love writing. The personalized journal will make its recipient feel special and unique. source

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