Awesome DIY Botanical Jewelry

Check out these 15 DIY tutorials that will teach you how to make your very own stunning botanical jewelry at your very own crafting table!

1. Leaf and resin necklace pendant

Have you ever seen a small, delicate leaf that’s perfectly in tact and the most wonderful, vibrant green and silently wished to yourself that you could preserve its beauty somehow? Well, thanks to this breathtakingly pretty necklace pendant tutorial from Anastasiya Lazareva, you can! See what materials they used and how they chose a pendant and leaf combination that fit together perfectly.

2. Rounded moss earrings

On a rainy afternoon, after the rain has fallen and the sun has started to peek out just a little but before all the perfect little droplets have fallen or dried from the leaves, one of our favourite things to do is go out for a walk because that’s when the air is at its freshest. If you look down into the trees, you might even be lucky enough to see a tiny leaf or flower encased perfectly within a rain drop. That’s exactly what these stunning round DIY moss earrings from Caymancode look like!

3. Fir tree resin ring

Many people who work with resin are used to using it to make part of a jewelry piece, but when it comes to working with botanical materials, where every aspect of the plant is so nice that it’s worth showcasing, why not create a completely clear piece entirely from resin instead? That’s exactly what Online Jewelry Class did with this fir ring and we can’t get over how nice the final product looks.

4. DIY stamped botanical clay pendants

Perhaps you love the way botanical pieces look but you’d actually prefer a piece that’s a more unconventional colour even though it harnesses the beauty of the plant it features, rather than just letting the natural plant stand out for itself? Then try imprinting it instead! Intimate Weddings guides you through the process of making a clay pendant that looks just like a botanical fossil but painted any colour you please.

5. Pressed pansy pendants

We’ve talked a lot about cute little green plants encased in lovely, wearable clear displays, but what about plants that showcase other more vibrant colours? Well, if that’s what you’re hoping to find then we think these adorable pressed pansy pendants from Hub Pages are just what you’re looking for! Press and dry the flower before you encase it in resin so it sits at a nice, flat angle so all of is beautiful colours can be seen.

6. Little blossom bookmarks

Are you actually not a huge jewelry wearer but you just can’t get over how stunning these plants and flowers look when they’re preserved so delicately like these pieces? Make yourself something else instead! There are plenty of decorative ways similar to jewelry that let you perfectly tribute plant life without actually wearing it on your body. Follow in DIY Projects‘ footsteps and make these beautiful bookmarks instead!

7. Baby’s breath rounded resin ring

Did you love the simply rounded look of the moss earrings we showed you earlier but you’re not a big fan of wearing earrings and you don’t actually have any nice, preserve-worthy moss growing near your house? Try using the same shape concept with a different plant and piece instead! We simply adore these elegant little pieces of baby’s breath encased in a clear sphere that Caymancode turned into a ring.

8. Botanical resin coasters

Okay, we know we said this post was about botanical jewelry, but not everyone we know likes to wear jewelry even though those same people would more than appreciate the stunning natural aesthetic of a botanical piece. That’s why we can’t help but point out some alternatives like these fern coasters by The Lovely Drawer!

9. Botanical print and Mod Podge ring

Do you love the idea of making jewelry that tributes the beauty of leaves and flowers but your allergies keep you from wanting to go rooting around in the garden, even just for a moment to find a simple leaf? Then try this stunning printed version instead! It’s like the allergen-free craft version of the other things we’ve featured on this list. Bromeliad Living shoes you how to make it happen with Mod Podge.

10. Greenery raindrop pendant

Just in case you couldn’t tell, we’re still not quite over the delicate raindrop look we were telling you about above and we kind of want to make it in every style of jewelry piece available. With that in mind, here’s a great tutorial for creating a pretty moss pendant that looks like it’s encased in fresh morning sew! Check it out in full detail on Jun Moore.

11. Four leaf clover pendant

Are you a superstitious person with a big belief in the good luck of four leaf clovers? Then this awesome botanical necklace pendant is the perfect project for you! SmileWithFlower guides you through the process of choosing a good plant, creating the pendant in a suitable size, and building the jewelry piece itself.

12. Herbarium necklace

We’ve talked a lot about projects that involve resin, but perhaps you’d rather wear a botanical piece that looks as though you’re purposely displaying your pretty greenery for all to see, like it’s been preserved in a museum? Then check out how New Dream World carefully placed a delicate leaf inside this clear locket to make a miniature wearable herbarium!

13. Large resin leaf

Within our discussion of botanical jewelry made with resin, we’ve outlined many pieces that completely encase the leaf or flower in a separate shape, like a sphere or a rounded raindrop pendant shape. That’s where this beautiful leaf pendant by Forestry Vision differs! Although the entire leaf is covered in resin, the resin follows along the shape of the leaf’s edge rather than encasing the entire thing within an independent shape. We also love the larger size of this piece!

14. Chunky dried flower resin bangle

We already talked about making a small ring completely of resin with a piece of a fur tree built in, but what if you loved the final product so much that you want to try it in a bigger piece? Then this beautiful bangle is the idea for you! SpottedDogAsheville created a funky, chunky bracelet that shows off bright flowers both big and small. We adore the colour contrast they chose.

15. Dandelion drop earrings

Dandelions might be the cause of allergy sneezes and watery eyes in the spring, but we sure can’t deny that the fluffy, delicate seeds are pretty as they float away on the wind. You can harness that beauty (without getting a runny nose) by encasing a few of those seeds in a dewdrop pendant made of resin, just like Agnera did here.

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